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PVC Manufacturer and Supplier from Thoothukudi City

PVC Manufacturer and Supplier from Thoothukudi City We are manufacturer and supplier of Electrical PVC conduit pipe ( Electrical PVC wiring pipe ) from Tuticorin. Our Electrical conduit pipes are manufactured by No. 1 superier quality PouVinyl Chloride Resin. Our electrical conduit pipes are used in electrical wiring installations inside the concrete as well as outside walls of a building. Tele communication, camera wiring and cable casing application. Our electrical conduit pipes are made to match industrial standards These pipes are available in the following sizes. What are the Sizes,…

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Thoothukudi City – Comprehensive Information

Thoothukudi In this article, I am going to write about one of the cities of Tamilnadu, India, namely Thoothukudi which is in other words, known as the Pearl City. You can get information about Thoothukudi city here, because I have included my personnel experiences with the city in this article to explain about this city. The location of this city is at the almost southern end of Tamilnadu, and of course, southern verge of the country India. To say in brief, Thoothukudi is a Port city with a grand Port Trust which…

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