Thiruchendhur Murugan Temple Thoothukudi
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What are the Safety Precautions to be taken during Thiruchendhur Paadha Yaathirai?

What are the Safety Precautions to be taken during Tituchendur Paadha Yaathirai? Thaai Poosam festival is celebrated in Thiruchendur Murugan temple and thousands of devotees go on foot pilgrimage to the temple from various places.On this note, S.P Maghendran has given some advice to be followed by the devotees for their safe pilgrimage to Thiruchendur Murugan Temple. Thiruchendur Arulmigu Subramania Swamy temple is located in Thoothukudi district and Thaai Poosam festival is been celebrated on 31-01-2019 in the temple premises. Safety measures of poeple has been taken by the District Police Department.…

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Specialties, Location and other details about Naali Kinaru – Tiruchendur(Thoothukudi District )

What is special in Tiruchendur Naali Kinaru – Thoothukudi District??? The Tiruchendur Naali Kinaru – Thoothukudi District is a rare natural phenomenon where there is a 14 sq.ft well and inside this well is a small 1 sq.ft well. It is located in Tiruchecndur Subramanya Swamy Temple. Nazhi Kinaru (Small Well) is a remarkable spring of fresh crystal water. There large well inside which is saltish and highly sulfurous smelling and muddy-looking water. This swells up during the day and pumped out daily so as not to allow it to over-flow into the smaller one. A bath…

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