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History of Lady of Snow Church in Thoothukudi

History of Lady of Snow Church in Thoothukudi Lady of Snow Church History The Lady of Snow Church is recently celebrated her 436th Anniversary in 2018.  Lady of snow church is one of the world’s oldest church for Virgin Marry. Lady of snow church was constructed in 16th century by St.Peter and Jesuits. Pope John Paul II was promoted the Lady of snow church status of Basilica Via Apostolic letter Pervenute illa Beatissimae Genitricis Effigies. Lady of Snow Status’s History Lady of Snow Statue was one of the three works of…

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New Cleooopatra DTS Theater - Important Land Marks in Thoothukudi
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Important Land Marks of Thoothukudi City

Main landmarks in Thoothukudi: In this page, I am going to give you the information about the main landmarks in the Pearl City, Thoothukudi namely as follows, 1. Lady of Snow Church 2. Old Bus Stand 3. New Bus Stand 4. Shivan temple 5. Tuticotin Port Trust 6. TTPS (Thoothukudi Thermal Power Station) 7. Sterlite Industries 8. Spic 9. Periya Palli vaasal 10. Cinema Theaters Lady of Snow Church Thoothukudi: This is one of the familiar churches in the southern districts of Tamilnadu. The exact location of this Lady of…

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Tourist Places in Thoothukudi and Tirunelveli Districts

Tourist Places in Thoothukudi District Panchalankurichi – Veera Pandiya Kattapomman Castle Panchalankurichi is a famous historic village which is located 25km from Thoothukudi and 55 km from Tirunelveli. Great warrior Kattabomman popularly known as Veerapandiya Kattabomman raised his war against the British regime in the 17th century AD. The Memorial Fort in Panchalankurichi was constructed in 1974 by the Tamilnadu government. The Memorial hall have beautiful paintings depicts the heroic deeds of the saga which give a good idea about the history of the period. Sri Devi Jakkammal Temple was hereditary Goddess of Kattabomman which is located…

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