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We TSC Technologies is the very first SEO firm which was started in the year of 2010 in Thoothukudi City.

Thoothukudi Mart is providing Search Engine Optimization for each business, shops and services in Thoothukudi city with very much in detailed, thus the improvement of the business in Search Engine is ensured without delay.

On the other hand, Thoothukudi mart provides continuous updates on the taken business such as offers, events or new services provided by same company.

The companies taken in account are given dedicated fast hosted pages in our server with all the details about the services / products for exposing the business into the globe.

SEO is the globally recognized way in the globe to beat the business competitors technically without breaking the ethics.

Here are some of the examples from our best works on SEO in Thoothukudi.

Thoothukudi Mart page is in the very first page if you type and see ‘Passport Office Thoothukudi’ right now.
If you type ‘Racks in Thoothukudi’ in google right now and see, you can see our page ( Thoothukudi Mart ) in the first page of Google.
When ‘Jailani Street’ or ‘South New Street’ is typed in google you can find our page ( Thoothukudi Mart ) in the first page of the Result
Just type ‘Blue Metals Wholesale Thoothukudi’ in google and see. You can find our page from Thoothukudi Mart there.

Feel free to contact us your business with us in our database and get mutual benefits.

Contact Details – TSC Technologies ( SEO, Web Designing ) Thoothukudi:

195/3, Prabu Complex, Ettaya Puram Road,


Mobile # +91 9600069859

Email : admin[at]thoothukudimart[dot]com