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Kurangani Muthumalai Amman Temple – Thoothukudi District History, Timings, Location, How to reach details

Even though there are many Amman temples in the district of Thoothukudi. the premier of the oldest Amman temple is Sri Muthumalai Amman Temple Kurangani Muthumalai Amman Temple : The temple of Ramayana Period In the Ramayanam time, Ravana went to capture(சிறைப்பிடிக்கப்பட்ட) Seetha devi. Monkey’s(வானரங்கள் ) helped Rama, who tried to protect Seetha devi.The monkeys where Lord Raman marched in Place to stand to go to Sri Lanka. So the Legends say that place was named Kurangani because of the monkeys marched. History of Kurangani Muthumalai Amman Temple – Thoothukudi…

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Aindhu Veetu Samy Temple Thoothukudi Temples in Thoothukudi

History of Chettiya Pathu – Aindhu Veettu Saamy – Thoothukudi | Tuticorin District

Chettiya Pathu Aindhu Veetu Samy Temple – Thoothukudi District – History: In this page of Thoothukudi Mart, we shall look about the history of one of the ancient temples in Thoothukudi District namely, Chettiyapathu Temple – Thoothukudi. Once upon a time, there was a couple namely Vaduka nathar and Ponnammal in Kazhugumalai of Thoothukudi District and they were worried that they did not have a kid even after 5 years from their marriage. They went to Meenakshi Temple and prayed well for a kid. That fine day a person said…

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Thiruchendhur Murugan Temple Thoothukudi
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What are the Safety Precautions to be taken during Thiruchendhur Paadha Yaathirai?

What are the Safety Precautions to be taken during Tituchendur Paadha Yaathirai? Thaai Poosam festival is celebrated in Thiruchendur Murugan temple and thousands of devotees go on foot pilgrimage to the temple from various places.On this note, S.P Maghendran has given some advice to be followed by the devotees for their safe pilgrimage to Thiruchendur Murugan Temple. Thiruchendur Arulmigu Subramania Swamy temple is located in Thoothukudi district and Thaai Poosam festival is been celebrated on 31-01-2019 in the temple premises. Safety measures of poeple has been taken by the District Police Department.…

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