Theri Kaadu Thoothukudi
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Details about Thedi Kaadu Thoothukudi district

Before going in detail about Thedi Kaadu Thoothukudi, we shall look about location / how to reach Theri Kaadu Thoothukudi. When we go from Tirunelveli to Tiruchendur, have to take right before Kurumbur and go towards Thisaiyanvilai and Naalu maavadi, Thedi Kaadu Thoothukudi will come with full of red color sand. To say more exactly, Theri Kaadu is located in the middle of Kadambakulam, Naau mavadi,Pudhukudi, Sonakanvilai, Nathankinaru, Theri Kudiyiruppu, Kaayamozhi, Paramankurichi, Veerappa Nadar Kudiyirupu, Sathya nagar, Thaaivilai, Vaalivilai, Pillavilai, Thoppur, Nazareth and other places. Total area of Theri Kaadu…

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Ettayapuram Road Freedom Fighters Thoothukudi Historical Places in Thoothukudi Places to See in Thoothukudi Subramaniya Bharadhiyar

Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharadhiyar House – Ettaya puram Thoothukudi district | Date of Birth | Death year and other details

Ettaya puram – Thoothukudi District Mahakavi Bharathiyar History Ettayapuram is 95 km away from Madurai on the Thoothukudi road from Madurai to Mahakavi Bharathiyar’s house. Every one who is appreciative of Bharathi must come here once. It is a Exciting Experience when we touch the floor and the slanting walls . At least once in life, we have to see Bharathi’s house and the place where he sings as – Jathigal Illayadi Pappa. How to reach Mahakavi Bharathiyar’s House in Ettayapuram / Location of Subramaniya Bharathiyar House – Thoothukudi District…

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Kurangani Muthumalai Amman Temple Places to See in Thoothukudi Temples in Thoothukudi

Kurangani Muthumalai Amman Temple – Thoothukudi District History, Timings, Location, How to reach details

Even though there are many Amman temples in the district of Thoothukudi. the premier of the oldest Amman temple is Sri Muthumalai Amman Temple Kurangani Muthumalai Amman Temple : The temple of Ramayana Period In the Ramayanam time, Ravana went to capture(சிறைப்பிடிக்கப்பட்ட) Seetha devi. Monkey’s(வானரங்கள் ) helped Rama, who tried to protect Seetha devi.The monkeys where Lord Raman marched in Place to stand to go to Sri Lanka. So the Legends say that place was named Kurangani because of the monkeys marched. History of Kurangani Muthumalai Amman Temple – Thoothukudi…

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Sivan Temple Temples in Thoothukudi

Thoothukudi Sivan Temple – history and specialities, Location, How to go, Timings

Sri Sangara rameshwar Temple which is sealed by Sri Bagambriyal In Thoothukudi ( Thirumanthira nagar) In Kantha Puranam written by kachiyappa sivaachariyar a chapter named as theivanai thirumana padalam it is said that Inthiran had made his daughter to marry lord murugan after the finishing of Soorasamhar in tiruchendur. Lord shiva and parvathi hold the couple to their heart and blessed the when they fell to their feet for blessings. To see the marriage of lord murugan  lord shiva and parvathi came to this pleasant place. In that time umayal…

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Shenbagavalli temple Kovilpatti
Places to See in Thoothukudi Shenbagavalli Amman Temple Temples in Thoothukudi

Kovilpatti Shenbagavalli Amman Temple ( Kovilpatti Temple ) – History and Features

           Long time ago kovilpatti ( Thoothukudi District ) was a village in sattur taluk and later it was changed to be a city of income to Thoothukudi district. Other names of Kovilpatti are, Koilpuri, Thirupoovanam and Ponmalai. Once it was a small village but now it is turned to be a special municipality. Places near Shenbagavalli Amman temple are unique in their features and famous too.             Vembakottai a place nearly 20 kms away was ruled by a King Shenbagam who built the village and the temple too. It…

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Churches in Thoothukudi Landmarks in Thoothukudi Places to See in Thoothukudi

Caldwell Memorial Church – Thoothukudi | History | Photos and Prayer Timings

In this page of Thoothukudi Mart, we shall have a glance about the history of one of the biggest Churches in Thoothukudi City – Caldwell Memorial Church and prayer timings ( updated April 2019 ). Caldwell memorial church was built as a token of love on Mr. Robert Caldwell who has done many good things for South India, specially for Thoothukudi city. Life of Mr. Caldwell Robert in Tamilnadu started in the year of 1838. The year when he became bishop in Tirunelveli is 1877. He did so many big…

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Aindhu Veetu Samy Temple Thoothukudi Temples in Thoothukudi

History of Chettiya Pathu – Aindhu Veettu Saamy – Thoothukudi | Tuticorin District

Chettiya Pathu Aindhu Veetu Samy Temple – Thoothukudi District – History: In this page of Thoothukudi Mart, we shall look about the history of one of the ancient temples in Thoothukudi District namely, Chettiyapathu Temple – Thoothukudi. Once upon a time, there was a couple namely Vaduka nathar and Ponnammal in Kazhugumalai of Thoothukudi District and they were worried that they did not have a kid even after 5 years from their marriage. They went to Meenakshi Temple and prayed well for a kid. That fine day a person said…

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Eco Park Thoothukudi Places to See in Thoothukudi

Eco Park Thoothukudi

Entry Fees for Eco Park Tuticorin ( Thoothukudi ) – 100 Rs In this Thoothukudi Mart page we can see about Eco Park which is one of the best parks in Thoothukudi. The word Eco means the environmental friendly elements and therefore as this park is named as Eco park, the ambiance of this Thoothukudi Eco park is so natural and pleasing. The cool breeze from the sea and the silence that prevails around thoothukudi Eco park will make you to spend more and more time there. Visiting time for…

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List of Parks in Thoothukudi
Parks in Thoothukudi Parks in Thoothukudi

List of Parks in Thoothukudi

A park is a place where people come for recreation. To pass time for different people depends on their age and their mood. For some visitors relaxation is the major need. For some others walking, jogging and exercising is what they require. For kids its just fun, fun & fun is what they will wish. Some people will just come for calm and peaceful time to be spent. Most of the youths gather at the park to chat and date. Natural atmosphere is the best for any kind of parks.…

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What are the Safety Precautions to be taken during Thiruchendhur Paadha Yaathirai?

What are the Safety Precautions to be taken during Tituchendur Paadha Yaathirai? Thaai Poosam festival is celebrated in Thiruchendur Murugan temple and thousands of devotees go on foot pilgrimage to the temple from various places.On this note, S.P Maghendran has given some advice to be followed by the devotees for their safe pilgrimage to Thiruchendur Murugan Temple. Thiruchendur Arulmigu Subramania Swamy temple is located in Thoothukudi district and Thaai Poosam festival is been celebrated on 31-01-2019 in the temple premises. Safety measures of poeple has been taken by the District Police Department.…

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