Rumor about Thoothukudi traffic police
About Thoothukudi Rumors in Thoothukudi

Rumor about Thoothukudi Traffic Police

In this page of Thoothukudi mart, we shall look about one of the wrong information / rumor about Thoothukudi traffic police which was spread in social media such as Facebook pages and whatsapp groups in Thoothukudi. There was a rumor going on in Whatsapp and facebook that there was a bike burnt nearby Agsar paints – Thoothukudi as objecting the penalty charged by Traffic police Thoothukudi. But it is not true. Details are as following; Velu is son of Mr. Sendhur Pandi belongs to Thoothukudi Vannaar Street. Due to some…

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Theri Kaadu Thoothukudi
About Thoothukudi Places to See in Thoothukudi Temples in Thoothukudi Temples in Thoothukudi Thedi Kaadu Thoothukudi

Details about Thedi Kaadu Thoothukudi district

Before going in detail about Thedi Kaadu Thoothukudi, we shall look about location / how to reach Theri Kaadu Thoothukudi. When we go from Tirunelveli to Tiruchendur, have to take right before Kurumbur and go towards Thisaiyanvilai and Naalu maavadi, Thedi Kaadu Thoothukudi will come with full of red color sand. To say more exactly, Theri Kaadu is located in the middle of Kadambakulam, Naau mavadi,Pudhukudi, Sonakanvilai, Nathankinaru, Theri Kudiyiruppu, Kaayamozhi, Paramankurichi, Veerappa Nadar Kudiyirupu, Sathya nagar, Thaaivilai, Vaalivilai, Pillavilai, Thoppur, Nazareth and other places. Total area of Theri Kaadu…

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144 in Thoothukudi
144 in Thoothukudi About Thoothukudi

144 in Thoothukudi from 25 September 2019

Due to the 16th memorial day of Venkatesh Pannaiyar Thoothukudi district collector has announced 144 for the entire Thoothukudi district. Duration of 144 inside Thoothukudi district : Starting from 25 September 2019, 6 o clock to 27 September 2019 6 o clock. Reason for 144 inside Thoothukudi district in September 2019: When the Thoothukudi collector talked about this 144 inside Thoothukudi district, he said that the reason for this 144 is to conduct the memorial day of Venkatesh pannaiyar peacefully and to avoid any unwanted events, 144 is announced inside…

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Power cut Timings Thoothukudi

Power Cut Timings in Thoothukudi on August 17, 2019 – Saturday

Power Cut Timings Thoothukudi 17 August 2019 Following are the places where power cut will be there in Thoothukudi city on August 17, 2019: When Mr. Vijaya Shankar Pandian spoke about power cut timings in Thoothukudi, He has said as follows; Due to monthly maintenance work in Ettayapuram Road Substation, there will be Power shut down in the following areas of Thoothukudi: Anna Nagar Doovi Puram Paul Pettai Aandaal Theru Chathiram Theru First Gate Thoothukudi Second Gate Thoothukdi Mattakadai Beach Road Theppakulam Sivan Kovil Street WGC Road VE Road State…

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Environment Activist Mugilan in Thoothukudi Massacre protest
Mugilan Popular Personalities

Where is mugilan? Updated about Thoothukudi Mugilan Missing Case

Thoothukudi Mugilan who is missing for more than 100 days has been pronounced alive by CBCID police. Who is Mugilan? Mr. Mugilan is one of the Environment activist gave important information in Chennai press association against Thoothukudi Sterlite Factory on February 14, 2019. Mugilan showed some evidences to the press that public people were not the reason for the Massacre happening in Thoothukudi on 22 May 2018 and the actual reason is the higher officials of police are the reason for the massacre. He also added that there is risk…

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Churches in Thoothukudi Landmarks in Thoothukudi Places to See in Thoothukudi

Caldwell Memorial Church – Thoothukudi | History | Photos and Prayer Timings

In this page of Thoothukudi Mart, we shall have a glance about the history of one of the biggest Churches in Thoothukudi City – Caldwell Memorial Church and prayer timings ( updated April 2019 ). Caldwell memorial church was built as a token of love on Mr. Robert Caldwell who has done many good things for South India, specially for Thoothukudi city. Life of Mr. Caldwell Robert in Tamilnadu started in the year of 1838. The year when he became bishop in Tirunelveli is 1877. He did so many big…

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Contact Information about Electricians in Thoothukudi
About Thoothukudi Important Information Thoothukudi Contact Details

List of Electricians in Thoothukudi

In this page of Thoothukudi Mart, we shall have a look about the Electricians in Thoothukudi, so that it shall be useful to find the Electricians nearby your home in Thoothukudi city / Thoothukudi district. Name of Electrician : Edwin Contact Number : 7598271326 Area : State Bank Colony, Thoothukudi / Tuticorin 2. Name of Electrician : Anand Contact Number : +91 7092828982 Email id : ananthananth1910[at]gmail[dot]com Area : Bryant Nagar, Thoothukudi / Tuticorin

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About Thoothukudi Areas in Thoothukudi Important Information Landmarks in Thoothukudi

List of Post Offices/ Pin Codes for Areas in Thoothukudi District

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Tuticorin district, Name of Area              District                         Pin Code Achankulam B.O           Tuticorin                           628718 Adaikalapuram S.O       Tuticorin                          628217 Adanur B.O                   Tuticorin                          628712 Alagappapuram B.O      Tuticorin                         628703 Alagesapuram S.O         Tuticorin                          628002 Alampatti B.O                Tuticorin                          628503 Alankinar B.O            Tuticorin                          628704 Alanthalai S.O             Tuticorin                          628221 Alwarkarkulam B.O    Tuticorin                          628619 Alwarthope West B.O Tuticorin                         628612 Alwartirunagari S.O     Tuticorin                         628612 Alwartirunagari West B.O Tuticorin                    628612…

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About Thoothukudi Popular Personalities

Names of Collector and District Magistrate for Thoothukudi District from 1986 to 2019

Names of Collector and District Magistrate for Thoothukudi District from 1986 to 2019 First Collector & District Magistrate for Thoothukudi District is Mr. R.Arumugam IAS, Mr.R.Arumugam IAS Duty Period from – 20/10/1986 To 23/02/1989 Second Collector & District Magistrate for Thoothukudi District is Mr. M.Kanagasabapathy IAS, Mr.M.Kanagasabapathy IAS Duty Period from – 24/02/1989 To 20/05/1990 Third Collector & District Magistrate for Thoothukudi District is Mr. P.Sivakami IAS, Mr.P.Sivakami IAS Duty Period from – 21/05/1990 To 28/11/1990 Fourth Collector & District Magistrate for Thoothukudi District is Mr. S.Anser Ali IAS, Mr.S.Anser Ali…

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Thoothukudi News VIP's Death

How Pasupathy Paandian was killed??

One of the breaking news before January concerning Thoothukudi district was the murder of Pasupathy Pandiyan. Thoothukudi city and the surrounded areas got into struggle due to this murder on that day. The Police Department caught 2 guys regarding the murderer of Pasupathi Pandiyan few days before and they have been enquired. The name of the guys who have been caught by the Police regarding the murder case of Pasupathy Paandiyan are, Arulaanandham and Aarumugasaamy. As the result of the investigation and enquiry on the murder of Pasupathee Pandian, the…

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