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In this page of Thoothukudi mart we shall look about one of the best matriculation school in Thoothukudi namely Xan Matriculation School Thoothukudi.

Xan Matriculation School Thoothukudi

X’an Matriculation School Thoothukudi

In this page of Thoothukudi Mart we shall see about one of the school that is located in Tuticorin, non-other than X’an Matriculation School. Also we see about the History, contact details, Fees structure, Specialities, Extra Curricular Activities, Location, Admission process of this school.


Address                                     :  Chidhambara Nagar Main Road,

    Near VVD Signal,

                                                      Chidhambara Nagar,


                                                      Tamilnadu – 628 008.

Xan Matriculation School Achievement

Contact Number                        :   0461 – 2390699

Type of School                          :    Matriculation

Mode of Education                    :    English

Opening Time                            :   8:30 AM

Closing Time                             : 5: 00 PM

Email ID                                    : xanmatric@gmail.com

Website                                      : http://xanschool.com/

Location of Crescent Matric Higher Secondary School:


Nearest land mark of X’an Matriculation School: VVD Signal, opposite to

Crescent matriculation school, Near Eagle book centre.

School Logo

Xan Matriculation School Thoothukudi Logo
Logo of Xan Matriculation School Thoothukudi

Fees Structure in X’an Matriculation School:

For exact current fees of the school, kindly contact the school using the above

Mentioned contact of Xan Matriculation School.

Approach of X’an Matriculation School:

They focus mainly for the students and teacher’s relationship, they create that

they are in their home they create such a comfortable environment to the student.

They also follow play way method of approach that will initiate the students mind

to learn joyfully.

Co-curricular Activates In X’an Matriculation School

  • Taekwondo class

According to the research Taekwondo helps to improve the muscle tone and also improve confidence and self-esteem. So the school provide the training for this activity.

  • Chess

Chess help to improve the concentration power of the student and also it helps to increase the memory capacity this school provide chess as an co-curricular activity to improve the students.

  • Yoga

Yoga helps to improve flexibility and also improve Atlantic performance this shows apart from studies they give more importance to the sports activates also.

  • Dance

They also teach dance both classical and freestyle this helps the student to relax their mind and they will enjoy by learning this kind of activities teach by the school.

Speciality of X’an Matriculation School:

  • Friendly staff with updated knowlege.
  • Smart Class Facility
  • CCTV cameras have been installed all around the school for the security of students, staff and school itself.
  • Coaching class will be provided for the higher secondary student.
  • They teach C++, Office Automation Course and Basic computer to the small children’s also to enhance the knowledge to adopt in this situation
  • There is a separate cycle stand available for male and female students.
  • Library is available to improve the knowledge of the students.

Some other general Information:

Year of Starting                         :         1986

Correspondent                           :         Mr. Raja

Principal                                    :         Mrs.Evangeline Raja

School Code                              :         TCN546

Course Offered From                 :         LKG – 12th Standard

Corresponded and Principal Image

Principal and correspondent of Xan Matriculation School

Admission process

For admission, the students and parents go and fill the form provided by the school and then they explain the fees structure if they are affordable for this means they pay the fees. Due to current pandemic situation most of the school is closed now a day so contact the school and ask about the availability of office staff.

Xan Matriculation School Moto

According to x’an matriculation school they think education is one of the major source that must be transferred from one generation to another this will help to develop the best future for all. They also provide the opportunity to enhance the child’s creative expression and the capacity for aesthetic appreciation.

Course and subject offered by X’an Matriculation school

  • Java
  • C++
  • Office Automation
  • English
  • Tamil
  • Value Based Education
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Arts and craft
  • Physical Education
  • Hindi
  • Science and so on

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