VGS School Thoothukudi

In this page of Thoothukudi mart we shall see about one of the best girl’s schools in Tuticorin district. Also we see about the Contact details of VGS School, Fees Structure, specialties of VGS school, Extra Curricular Activities, Location, Admission process and history of the school

Contact details and location of VGS School Thoothukudi

Address                        :          370, Palayamkottai road,

Tuticorin Melur,          

                             Thoothukudi -628001


Contact Number            :          0461-2322505

Board of Education       :          State Board ( Girls Higher Secondary School )

Medium of Education   :          Both Tamil and English Medium are available

Class                               :         From 6th – 12th Standard

School opening time : 8 40 AM

Closing Time : 5 30 PM

Location of VGS School Thoothukudi :

Nearest Landmarks : Chatram bus Stand, Sivan Temple ( Back Gate ), Abi Fancy Baby.

Fees Structure in VGS School Thoothukudi:

For Exact current fees of the school, kindly contact the school using the above mentioned contact details of VGS.

This school charges reasonable fees from the students as most of the students are coming from poor family background.

As we have seen the purpose of starting this school above, the management considers the future of the girl students and provides many concessions for them.

Speciality of Victoria Girls Higher Secondary School

  • This school is affiliated by the Government
  • Well Experienced staff and with updated knowledge
  • Most of the staff have done their education recently and young
  • Hostel facilities available
  • CCTV cameras have been installed all around the school for the security of students, staff and the school itself.
  • CCTV cameras installed inside the classrooms too as a step to improve the students discipline.
  • Coaching class will be provided for Weak students.
  • Special care is taken to the poor students to improve their knowledge and shine in their future.
  • This school is Affiliated by Government so the students get all the facility that provided to the students by the Government like bicycle, laptop and some monetary helps provided to the student.
  • The school has a chapel to pray and it gives relaxation to mind.
  • Monthly once a meeting conducted in the chapel to teach good things, give advice to the students and to teach them what is right and what is wrong.
  • There is a separate cycle stand for the students arranged class wise.
  • There is a huge playground available in the school to train students who have interest in sports.

Co – Curricular Activities available in Victoria Girls Higher Secondary School Thoothukudi

  • Drawing class
  • Computer Class
  • Sewing class
  • Shuttle cock
  • Chess
  • Volley Ball
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Admission process

For admission the students must be fill the form after that they contact an entrance exam for the students who is willing to start their carrier in Victoria girls higher secondary school after that fees structure will be provided to the selected student. Due to current pandemic situation most of the schools and college will be closed so before visit the school contact the above number and ask about the availability of the school staff or office member and visit the school for the admission process.

History of VGS School Thoothukudi

This school was established by queen Victoria.

The main purpose to establish VGS School is to give education to the girl children. In that period women were controlled by men in India and there was no freedom for women.

In those days, even the women were believing that men are superior than them and they have to obey what men say. It was unwritten law in those times

When Queen Victoria Came to know this situation she first thought of starting  schools for girl children. Also she had idea that if the girl children get education then only they will think and start giving their voice against men for their own rights.

More Details on VGS School Thoothukudi:

This school has the students range from 6th – 12th Standard. It is a State Board school and provide and education for both Tamil and English medium. The main purpose of the Tamil medium education is most of the students are came from the poor background so their parents are unable to joint their children in English Mode of education so they have an Tamil mode of education and the reason for the English medium is some parents pay a lot for their children’s primary education and after some years, when the girl move to higher secondary they are not affordable to pay the children’s fees and they started thinking about it is necessary to spend this much of amount for the women education? Behalf of that we save this for her future by buying gold that like so they convert their children from English medium to Tamil Medium to avoid this situation they offer very fees rate so it is help to the students to continue their studies in English.

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