Corona Updates Thoothukudi

This page gives information on COVID 19 Positive Cases Thoothukudi 08 Aug 2020 area wise.

COVID 19 Positive Cases Thoothukudi 08 Aug 2020

Overall Cases in Thoothukudi district Today – 247

Thoothukudi Corporation has 118 cases

Other areas than Thoothukudi corporation of Thoothukudi are 04 cases

Kovilpatti Municipality has 13 cases today

Other kovilpatti areas than municipality area has 13 cases today

Number of cases for Kayalpatnam municipality area today 15

Number of cases other than Kayalpatnam municipality area of Tiruchendur are 24

Eral area has 13 cases

Sathankulam area has 16 Corona positive cases today

Ottapidaram has 05 positive cases today

Srivaikundam has 13 cases today

Vilathikulam area has got 02 positive cases today

Kayathar has 07 cases today

Ettayapuram has 02 positive cases today

Covid 19 Positive Cases Thoothukudi Daily Updates

As of now some of the significant situations of Thoothukudi district are

  1. Common lock down is implemented
  2. All Sundays have complete lock down without any relaxation.
  3. E Pass is needed either to move out from Thoothukudi or move into Thoothukudi.

General instructions from WHO to prevent COVID 19 are as follows

  1. Keeping Social Distance
  2. Washing hands often for at least 20 seconds
  3. Covering face whenever coughing / sneezing
  4. Avoiding touching our own face with hand fingers
  5. Wear Face mask and hand gloves whenever going outside

Other important key facts about Corona virus / COVID 19

There is no official vaccine found for this pandemic

Some of the most common symptoms of COVID 19 are



Dry cough

Average recovery time is most commonly from 2 weeks to 6 weeks.

Corona Updates Thoothukudi
Corona Updates Thoothukudi daily basis

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