Aluminium Partition Works in Thoothukudi – Ve Vels

In this page of Thoothukudi mart, we shall look about one of the best Aluminium Partition Works in Thoothukudi namely Ve Vels Shelves and Safe Solutions who have been serving for years.

Ve Vels Shelves and Safe Solutions Thoothukudi
One of the best dealers of Slotted angle racks and Steel Racks in Thoothukudi

Contact Details of Ve Vels Shelves and Safe Solutions – Aluminium Partition works

Ve Vels Shelves and Safe Solutions

18B/5, Toovi Puram 11th Street,

VVD Main Road,

Thoothukudi – – Tamilnadu – India

Mobile number – +91 8124325757; +919095311099

Email id – vevelsafe[at]gmail[dot]com

Why to choose Ve Vels Shelves and Safe Solutions Thoothukudi for Aluminium Partition Works?

Because they are considering not limited to but all the following things when making Aluminium Partitions;

  1. Fine coating of aluminium over the partitions
  2. Customized design as per the client requirements
  3. Strong materials to work longer
  4. customized weight preferably light weight materials are used to make the Aluminium Partitions
  5. Made as per the budget of the client
  6. Good quality aluminium and other materials used

Types of Aluminium Partitions in Ve Vels Thoothukudi:

  1. PE Coated Aluminium Acoustic Swing Style : Suitable for office work station with table, chair etc.,
  2. PE Coated Aluminium acoustic decorative with various styles such as Hinged, Automatic, Sliding etc., : suitable for Laminated boarded partitions.
  3. Aluminium acoustic hinged type broad thickness partitions
  4. PE, PVDF Coated modern heavy weighed anodized finishing pre laminated boards with styles such as swing, hinged and sliding.
  5. PE coated, fiber glass customization partitions with the styles – hinged, swing and sliding.
  6. Aluminium acoustic office type hinged type partitions
  7. Aluminium full height partitions comes with glass with wood works capable of slitting a complete hall. This partition comes with brand.
  8. Aluminium Partitions with powder coating
  9. Branded red and white industrial type aluminium partitions
  10. Aluminium office cabinets to make several cabinets inside one single office with wide space such as bank counters, meeting rooms etc.,

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