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CCTV Shops in Thoothukudi

In this page of Thoothukudi mart, we shall look about one of the best CCTV service providers in Thoothukudi city, namely Friends CCTV Tech.

Services Provided in Friends CCTV Tech Thoothukudi:

  1. AHD Camera
  2. IP Camera
  3. PTZ Hard disk and all accesories
  4. Bus Camera
  5. Sony TV

AHD Camera in Thoothukudi:

AHD CCTV means, Analog High Definition Closed Circuit Television which transmits the captured videos to the Digital Video Recorder by coax cables. Following are the types of AHD CCTV cameras:

  1. AHD 960H Resolution
  2. AHD 720p Resolution
  3. AHD 1080p Resolution
  4. Analog 960H vs 720p AHD
  5. Analog 960H vs 1080p AHD
  6. 1080p HD Video Surveillance

IP Camera in Friends CCTV Tech Thoothukudi:

Friends CCTV Tech Thoothukudi is also expert in providing IP / wifi Cameras installation where all the images and videos of the installed camera are transmitted to the display through internet connection instead of cables.

This type of CCTV cameras needs less resources than the cable type such as less recording devices / equipment but only an active fast internet connection.

PTZ Hard Disk in Friends CCTV Tech – Thoothukudi:

What is PTZ Camera? The abbreviation for PTZ camera is Pan-Tilt Zoom. Types of PTZ cameras are, Mini dome and Speed Dome PTZ camera systems.

Contact details of Friends CCTV Tech – Thoothukudi:

134 /A, SB Colony,

Thoothukudi – 628002

Tamilnadu, India

Mobile numbers : 8148051571; 8525822651

Friends CCTV Tech, Thoothukudi

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