Corona Relief for Thoothukudi Villages – By Saadhu Chidambaram Trust, Sathya Agencies Thoothukudi

Corona Relief for Thoothukudi Villages- Sathya Agencies has given relief through Ratchanya Blood Association in Thoothukudi district.

There is a system running in Vallanadu with the coordination of Police inspector of Morappanadu Police Station Mr. Parthiban from the first day of Corona Lockdown 2020 in Thoothukudi district by giving food for more than 1500 persons. One of the main reasons for this good deed going on in Thoothukudi district is the effort of Mr. Santhaanam from Saadhu Chidambaram Trust.

Corona relief to Thoothukudi people by Sathya Agency and Sadhu Chidambaram Trust

In this grand relief scheme more than 22 number of village people are getting help by receiving food for them and their family by themselves. This team is going to more than 16 villages by themselves with food and giving to the needed people. There are more than 60 persons working for this scheme from the morning to evening.

After knowing the great work of Saadhu Chidambaram Trust Mr. Santhaanam, The Ratchanya Blood association has contacted Sathya Agencies for further help and Sathya Agency has accepted to help them.

The whole team has given food not only for the students of Village government school but also for their parents as Corona Relief aid.

The event of giving food for the parents of the village government school students and parents was conducted having the head master of the school as head and the assistant teacher Radha. Following are the other persons participated in this event.

Durai Pandian ( MM Builders ) and his family

Vijaya Raghavan ( Indian Shippings )

Aadhi Sudhakar

Sabitha Sekar

Veera Pandi Mahesh

Gokul (Ratchanya Blood Association )

Karutha pandi

Ganesh Thangam

Ayyam Perumal

Sathish Kumar ( A +ve )

Advocate Viji

All the participants expressed their thanks to Sathya Agency Thoothukudi.

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