How to report unsafe / damaged Electrical lines to TNEB – Thoothukudi

In this page of Thoothukudi mart, we shall look on how to report unsafe / damaged electrical lines to TNEB Thoothukudi in detailed.

Tamilnadu Electricity board has announced that any complaints related to affected electrical cables can be informed to them through whatsapp – mobile application.

When the Power distribution supervisory Engineer of TNEB Mr. Gnaneshwaran spoke he has said as follows;

Due to the changes in weather conditions, the districts of Tamilnadu such as Nellai, Thenkaasi, Thoothukudi. Kumari and Virudhunagar have been facing heavy wind flow, thunder, lightening etc., Due to this abnormal weather condition, there are high chances for accidents related to Electricity. To avoid such accidents, the following Safety instructions are advised to the people of those districts.

  1. Avoid approaching so close to Electrical power distribution boards, Electrical wires, Electrical transformers.
  2. Avoid going close to the broken Electrical cables / approaching close to those wires.
  3. It is advised to report such broken wires to nearby Electricity office and secure the area not to allow any public approaching to those damaged wires.
  4. Avoid going underneath trees / open places / underneath electrical wire lines.
  5. Shall go under any shelter made up of concrete.
  6. If there is no such secured shelter, people shall approach and go to shallow places.
  7. None of the electrical / electronic appliances such as TV, Mixie, Grinder, Computer, Mobile phones shall be used at the time of thunder and lightening.
  8. Thoothukudi people shall Avoid being close to open doors / windows.
  9. Avoid going close if there is stagging water close to electrical distribution box / electrical poles. Such unsafe conditions shall be reported to the nearby Electricity office.
  10. If there is leak of water inside the house at the time of rain, there is high chance for electricity leak in those places too. So avoid using electricity in those conditions.
  11. There should be approval obtained from TNEB if there is any need to cut tree branches near by High voltage electrical lines.
  12. It is not allowed to tie animals like sheep / cow with the stay line of electrical lines / putting clothes to dry also not allowed.
  13. Thoothukudi people shall Avoid flying kites as it may cause for damaging electrical lines.

The Engineer also added that public people should not try to fix the electrical problems themselves. People can use the toll free number 1912 for any complaints on affected / damaged electrical lines.

How to report affected / damaged electrical lines to Thoothukudi Electricity offices:

Step one : Take picture of the unsafe electrical lines / damaged electrical poles / distribution boards.

Step two :

Send clear message with full address to the following whatsapp numbers:

+91 9445850811, +91 8903331912

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