Power cut timing and details in Thoothukudi tomorrow

There is an official announcement has been declared that there will be power cut in timings and details in Thoothukudi on 17 October 2019. Details are as following;

Details mentioned in the news released from Power distribution Engineering office of Thoothukudi about Power cut in timings and details in Thoothukudi are;

There will be power cut in various areas of Thoothukudi due to monthly maintenance work in Vaagaikulam Substation on 17th October 2019 – Thursday.

Due to this maintenance work following areas of Thoothukudi district will have power cut tomorrow:

  1. Pudukottai
  2. Koramballam
  4. Anthoniyar Puram
  5. Maravan Madam
  6. Vallanadu
  7. Pottakurani
  8. Dhievaseyal Puram
  9. Murugan Puram
  10. Mudivaithanendhal
  11. Koottampuli
  12. Kulaiyan Karisal
  13. Koottudankadu

This power cut will be from 8 AM to 5 PM tomorrow.

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