Rumor about Thoothukudi Traffic Police

Rumor about Thoothukudi traffic police

In this page of Thoothukudi mart, we shall look about one of the wrong information / rumor about Thoothukudi traffic police which was spread in social media such as Facebook pages and whatsapp groups in Thoothukudi.

There was a rumor going on in Whatsapp and facebook that there was a bike burnt nearby Agsar paints – Thoothukudi as objecting the penalty charged by Traffic police Thoothukudi. But it is not true. Details are as following;

Velu is son of Mr. Sendhur Pandi belongs to Thoothukudi Vannaar Street. Due to some family problems and consumption of alcohol and in anger Velu has took his bike to the corner of Sivanthakulam Road, nearby the round about of Agsar paints which is known as Peengaan office Thoothukudi and put fire on his bike.

After the bike caught into fire, the nearby people have called police and the Thoothukudi South Police men has arrived to the spot and extinguished fire. The videos related to this incident has been spreading in all the social medias related to Thoothukudi such as Thoothukudi facebook pages, Thoothukudi facebook groups, Thoothukudi instagram pages etc.,

When a social activitist Mr. Arun Vijay talked, he has said that there is also a video in favour of Police also spreading in social media, but there shall be action taken on the wrong rumor spreads too.

Ref : One Tamil News

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