Details about Thedi Kaadu Thoothukudi district

Theri Kaadu Thoothukudi

Before going in detail about Thedi Kaadu Thoothukudi, we shall look about location / how to reach Theri Kaadu Thoothukudi.

When we go from Tirunelveli to Tiruchendur, have to take right before Kurumbur and go towards Thisaiyanvilai and Naalu maavadi, Thedi Kaadu Thoothukudi will come with full of red color sand. To say more exactly, Theri Kaadu is located in the middle of Kadambakulam, Naau mavadi,Pudhukudi, Sonakanvilai, Nathankinaru, Theri Kudiyiruppu, Kaayamozhi, Paramankurichi, Veerappa Nadar Kudiyirupu, Sathya nagar, Thaaivilai, Vaalivilai, Pillavilai, Thoppur, Nazareth and other places.

Total area of Theri Kaadu – 12000 Acres

Normally Thedi Kaadu Thoothukudi is located at 15 meters above the sea level, but some times it gets upto 25 meters of height above sea level.

Wonders of Theari Kaadu – Thoothukudi District:

One of the factors of nature that could not be believed even by the experts is that the small hills formed with red sand of these Theri kaadu are looking like getting moved time to time. the approximate reason for this wonder in Theri kaadu has been found as follows;

Mostly these crucial changes happen in between the months from May to september due to South west monsoon rains.

From geographical point of view, as there are rapid changes happening on the surface of Theri kaadu, it is not easy to find directions from the middle of Theri kaadu and also this place is not suitable for agriculture too.

On the other hand. the rain water get stagnant in the red sand of Theri kaadu and these water sources are called as Tharuvai. People who are living in the middle of Theri Kaadu – Thoothukudi district do have practice of doing agriculture with this stagnant water temporarily.

Theri Kaadu used to have cashew plants with a lot of red sand on the plants due to quite often wind blows. When we see the plant branches peeping out from red sand, it gives scaring appearance such as some thing is peeping out from crave yard.

the over all look of Theri Kaadu in between Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi district is like a big red circle. Another thing to wonder about Theri kaadu is that the red sand present in theri kaadu can not be found in any other places of Tirunelveli / Thoothukudi district.

These red sand in Theri Kaadu, India are not river sand and also not sea shore sand, so we can not assume that these sand could have been brought by Sea water as there is no chance for that too. The story behind the red sand of Theri Kaadu is still a mystery.

So there is a big doubt that some giant natural disaster might have happened in the past and this red sand accumulations mught have formed but still that kind of disaster is not yet confirmed by any one still. The red sand in Theari Kaadu of Thoothukudi district is made up of three layers of soil.

There are thoughts about these three layers of soil of Theri kaadu as, the first layer might have formed before 8000 years of time, second layer in 5000 years of time and the third layer in a thousand or two thousand years of time.

Even there are some thoughts that these Theri kaadu shall be the remaining part of ancient towns too. In some part of this Theri kaadu, some much solid red soil clay also can be found. In 18th century there were many more Palm trees plant in many areas of Theri Kaadu and now the area namely, Kudhirai mozhi gramam which has more number of Palm trees is in the control of Forest department.

There were some urn found in Theri Kaadu when excavation was conducted. Those urns were with ancient people of the place. It was doubted that the people who were living in the middle of Theri kaadu might have buried those people in those urns. In addition to those urns, there were some weapons such as sword, spear also were found in the excavation. There are still many excavations have been conducted in Theri Kaadu to find out its history and answers for the mysteries around it.

There is a natural fountain in the middle of this Theri Kaadu nearby the familiar temples, Karku Vel Ayyanar Temple and Arunjunai Kaatha Ayyanar Temple where sweet water comes without stoppage.

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