144 in Thoothukudi from 25 September 2019

144 in Thoothukudi

Due to the 16th memorial day of Venkatesh Pannaiyar Thoothukudi district collector has announced 144 for the entire Thoothukudi district.

Duration of 144 inside Thoothukudi district :

Starting from 25 September 2019, 6 o clock to 27 September 2019 6 o clock.

Reason for 144 inside Thoothukudi district in September 2019:

When the Thoothukudi collector talked about this 144 inside Thoothukudi district, he said that the reason for this 144 is to conduct the memorial day of Venkatesh pannaiyar peacefully and to avoid any unwanted events, 144 is announced inside Thoothukudi district.

Features of 144 inside Thoothukudi :

  1. It is not allowed to gather more than 5 person in a place.
  2. It is not allowed to carry weapons such as swivel, stick, stones and other dangerous weapons.
  3. It is not allowed to conduct food donates.
  4. It is not allowed to get hired van and other vehicles inside Thoothukudi city. ( Except essential vehicles such as food goods, and other mandatory vehicles )

Additionally, there are various Safety and security precautionary measures have been taken by the Thoothukudi district management. There will be no permissions given for the events such as Food donations, Party gatherings etc., in the period of 144 inside Thoothukudi September 2019 without discussing with the higher officials of Thoothukudi police department.

144 inside Thoothukudi in September 2019 will not be applicable for the special events such as Marriage functions and funeral rites etc.,

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Ref : One Tamil News dot com

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