Logo of Naga HEaring Aid Center Thoothukudi

Before we see the best place in Thoothukudi for Cochlear Implants in Thoothukudi, we shall have a look on what is Cochlear Implant;

Logo of Naga HEaring Aid Center Thoothukudi
Logo of Naga Hearing Aid Center Thoothukudi

Cochlear Implant is one of the Electronic Medical devices that can work as the alteration for any damaged inner ear. This treatment works especially for the damaged inner hair cells which is medically called as Cochlea. The difference between the normal hearing aid and Cochleat implant is the way how it works, that the device sends the sound to the brain without depending on the cochlea hair cells which actually has to wave inside the ear to pass the sound from ear to brain.

What are the benefits of Cochlear Implants than normal hearing aid?

  1. Hearing experience will be much better than the normal hearing aid in Cochlear Implant.
  2. It has been technically proven that the people who have done Cochlear Implants can understand 80% of the whole sentences with clear audio.
  3. Cochlear Implant clears noise from sound and makes the user to hear the voice without noise.
  4. It is advised to have Cochlear Implants for the people who have to go for important meetings, hotels, restaurant, theater and other places with mob of people.
  5. Important sounds such as Vehicle horns, Fire alarms, Air port announcements, other announcements, Bank Token numbers can be heard without hurdles.
  6. It is suitable for hearing the mobile conversations with talk back and there are other benefits.

Naga Hearing Center is one of the best places in Thoothukudi for doing Cochlear Implants in Thoothukudi city.

Contact Details of Naga Hearing Aid Center – Thoothukudi:

Address of Naga Hearing Aid Center Thoothukudi:

NAGA Hearing Aid Centre;

No: 47, South Sambantha Moorthy Street,

( Nearby Holy Cross Convent Higher Secondary School and John Digital )

Thoothukudi – 2

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Landline number for Naga Hearing Aid Center Thoothukudi : 0461 4984698

Mobile number for Naga Hearing Aid Center Thoothukudi :+91 9442159958

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