Where is mugilan? Updated about Thoothukudi Mugilan Missing Case

Environment Activist Mugilan in Thoothukudi Massacre protest

Thoothukudi Mugilan who is missing for more than 100 days has been pronounced alive by CBCID police.

Who is Mugilan?

Mr. Mugilan is one of the Environment activist gave important information in Chennai press association against Thoothukudi Sterlite Factory on February 14, 2019. Mugilan showed some evidences to the press that public people were not the reason for the Massacre happening in Thoothukudi on 22 May 2018 and the actual reason is the higher officials of police are the reason for the massacre. He also added that there is risk for his own soul if he releases those evidences.

Where is Mugilan?

On February 15, 2019, Mugilan was travelling from Chennai Egmore Railway station to Madurai Railway station. Mugilan has spoken with his friends by telephone at 10 : 30 PM on that day as last. After that there is no update from Mugilan to anyone. So the friends of Mugilan have said that he might have been missing in between the travel of Mugilan from Chennai Egmore to Madurai.

Then there was an official police compliant was raised to search and find Mugilan in Chennai Ezhumboor Railway Police. There are so many protests have been going in Tamilnadu state by many political parties. On February 25, 2019, court ordered to shift the Migilan Missing case from Egmore Railway police to the CBCID.

CBCID enquiry details on Thoothukudi Mugilan missing case:

In the inquiry conducted by the CBCID, they have found that Mugilan has gone to some houses before catching his train from Chennai to Madurai and the CBCID has done inquiry in those houses too. It is said that, from those inquiries, CBCID has found that Mugilan is abscond. When CBCID police talked about it they has said that there are evidences that Mugilan is alive, Migilan shall be living somewhere in North India.

Mugilan missing case comes to court again on June 06 and Mugilan will be found soon- CBCID said. Additionally, CBCID has requested public people to inform the nearby Police station if they find Mugilan any where or to call this number – 04428513500

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