Kurangani Muthumalai Amman Temple – Thoothukudi District details

Even though there are many Amman temples in the district of Thoothukudi. the premier of the oldest Amman temple is Sri Muthumalai Amman Temple. This page gives complete details about Kurangani Muthumalai Amman Temple.

Kurangani Muthumalai Amman Temple : The temple of Ramayana Period

In the Ramayanam time, Ravana went to capture(சிறைப்பிடிக்கப்பட்ட) Seetha devi. Monkey’s(வானரங்கள் ) helped Rama, who tried to protect Seetha devi.The monkeys where Lord Raman marched in Place to stand to go to Sri Lanka. So the Legends say that place was named Kurangani because of the monkeys marched.

History of Kurangani Muthumalai Amman Temple – Thoothukudi District:

When Seetha devi was kidnapped by Ravana, cut off Pearl garland (முத்து மாலை)on her neck to identify Rama. The pearl was dropped from the Pushpaka plane and fell on the Kurankani in the river of Thamaraparani. The pearl was look shining,when fallen on the ground. At that time Panaiyadayan, who came through that, could not see the shine of the pearl, He took the soil pot and closed the pearl. Then the people gathered and Sita was worshiped (வழிபாடு) in the place where the pearl was found. It is believed that Seetha devi stayed here and named it Muthumalai Amman.Because the place where the pearl is lying.

The miracle that is said to be a hearing message is the show the glory(மகிமை) of the goddess.
During the regin (ஆட்சி) of Nawab, he planned the Thamarabarani river was set straight up. He thought that the surrounding wall of temple was make a troubles(இடையூறுகள்) then He sent an officer and ordered the temple surrounding wall to be removed. Accordingly, an officer came on horse. Four brothers from the village blocked his action. Then the officer said, If the Goddess has power, I call it, will it give you the answer? They said, That will definitely be.

The English officer called Muthumalai Amman, Muthumalai Amman 3 times. The sound of ‘What?’ Was heard like thunder heard from the Temple shrine(கோவில் கருவறை). In the shock of the sound, the officer and The horse was fainted(மயங்கி). Those who were gathered stood up for reverence(பயபக்தி) When the amman Tirth(தீர்த்தம்) was sprinkled, to the officer and horse had a sense of self. The temple did not demolish by the officer,then he ordered to put 2 mud horses in the temple. Those horses can still be seen in the temple at the Periya Swami Sannidhi.

In ancient times, morning and night, we were open on Tuesdays and Fridays and doing pooja. At that time, the amman mud statue was not anointing(அபிஷேகம்). when seetha devi was Prison(சிறை) in sriLanga,she was doing the penance(தவம்) without eating .At that time Ancestors (முன்னோர்கள் )did pooja.

In 1957, during the Kumbabhishekam was removed from the cover string of Pearls of the amman, and to make stone statue(சீலை). From day to day the temple is opened and the bath baptism is done by the anointing and the day and night pujas are taking place.

On the left and right side of Muthumalaiamman Sannidhi, the sarries are located around the sidewalks. There is Sannidhi with the tower of Narayana, Sridevi and Bhoodevi mothers on the left side of the temple.

Rama and Lakshmana disappeared in the forest to find Seetha Devi. It was said that Jatayu bird seetha Devi had been kidnapped by Ravana. when hanuman with gang of monkey (வானரப்படைகள் )to go to find the seetha Devi, in a place where something was glittering. Raman said that when Hanuman went to see it, it was thrown by seetha devi. The Raman had seen the pearl western face.so there Narayana Temple as seen from the west facing.
There are separate sannyas here for muppidathi amman,sabtha kannikaigal,Parvathi amman,pramma sakthi amman,mariyamman,sandhana mariyamman,bairavar,veera pathrar . . Lord Vinayaka, Kasi Nataraja, Visalakshi and Navagrahas are blessed with the Lord Muthumalai Amman.

Aani month big Festivals (திருவிழா) in Kurangani Sri Muthumalai Temple:

Aani Festivel, Thai Thirumalai Pooja Festival is celebrated is famous Festivels in the temple of kurangani muthumalai amman . The main function of the temple is held on the last Tuesday of the month of Ani the muthumalai amman will be Decorated by golden dress .
Thirukal ceremony will take place 15 days before Aani festival. In the afternoon of the Muppidathi Amman in the south of Muthumalai amman Sannidhi Amman and Parivara Murtis are performed by the great anointing, dressing, The miracle of karuda circulating in the sky is still taking place today.

On the occasion of the month of Aani festival, a devotee of the Amman temple will enter the town on the night of Tirukkal. He left the sunset and went on the 15th day “15 days before Ani festival, Amman kodai , fasting will go. Devotees will be devotedat the temple for 15 days. For eight days before the ceremony, men will ride around the rope to the big ridge(கயிறு சுற்றி ஆடி). The women take the maavilakku (மாவிளக்கு) and come around the temple.

In the evening on the last Tuesday of the month, Amman stands with golden ornaments and decorated with the ornaments. The temple will be performed by the great anointing and decoration and Pooja of the temple. At night Srinarayana, in sampara Sridevi and Bhoodevi mothers will come down to Amman and visit the street. On the 8th day of Aani festival, the Thirthavari (தீர்த்தவாரி )will be held. On that day, the god will arrive at Thamiraparani river.

Thousands of people from the neighboring villages of Aani Festivel come to the family of the Amman temple and cut the goat and make a pongal for amman.
periyasamy floating in the river:

Periyasamy Sannidhi is in the south of Amman,and North facing in the temple of the Kurangani Muthumalai Amman Temple. This sannidhi have one individual reason. Muthu malai Amman appeared and in the dream of the temple priest (பூசாரி) four brothers. My safety Guard is coming from Kerala in the shape of a statue in Periyasamy tomorrow in tamaraparani flood. he welcomed me in good manner and asked me to set up his mantra at the right side north of my fortress(கோட்டை). According to Amman, Lord Periyasamy came to Thamiraparani flood and worshiped the temple. The great Sami is the goddess of the Saftey.

The temple is open Every day from 5 am to 1.30pm from 5 am to 8.30 pm.

How to reach Kurangani Sri Muthumaalai Amman Temple – Thoothukudi District:

Location of Kurangani Sri Muthumaalai Amman Temple – Thotohukudi District

Kurangani Muthumalai Amman Temple is located at Thamaraparani river, 3 km away from Thoothukudi District. The temple can be reached by a distance of about 2 km distance from the town of Thenthiruparai(தென்திருப்பேரை) on the Tirunelveli-Tiruchendur road.

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