Thoothukudi Sivan Temple Details

Sri Sangara rameshwar Temple which is sealed by Sri Bagambriyal In Thoothukudi ( Thirumanthira nagar) [Aka ] Thoothukudi Sivan Temple

In Kantha Puranam written by kachiyappa sivaachariyar a chapter named as theivanai thirumana padalam it is said that Inthiran had made his daughter to marry lord murugan after the finishing of Soorasamhar in tiruchendur. Lord shiva and parvathi hold the couple to their heart and blessed the when they fell to their feet for blessings. To see the marriage of lord murugan  lord shiva and parvathi came to this pleasant place. In that time umayal asked lord shiva to teach the thirumanthiram. As Ambikai was taught by the god this place is been called as Thirumanthira Nagar.

Thoothukudi Sivan Kovil Location:

Features of Puranas – Thoothukudi Sivan Kovil ( temple )

            Thala Puranas said that great saints like kasiyappa munivar, kouthamar, parathuvasar, athiri has worshipped the lord in this temple. As the voyage to Tiruchendur to worship lord velavan the kasiyappa saint saw the fresh situation of this place and raised a shivalinga and worshipped here. So later it became sangara rameshwarar temple.

Traditional features of Thoothukudi Sivan Temple:

            As in the generation of pandian kings, later a king Chandrasekara pandian’s son sangara rama pandian ruled kingdom with the Capital kayathar. He did not have a child to follow the king generation. So the aged people told him to visit Kasi and to take a holy bath. So as the king was on the way to holy bath with his soldiers he heard the voice of god. It said him to worship shivalinga in thirumanthira nagar and to take holy bath in Vanja pushkarani. So as the king took bath he again heard a voice and it said him to built a temple for the lord shiva who is been place by kasiappa the saint. So as to the voice of god this temple had been built. History says that sangara rameshwar has the own property of 98 acres.

Temple of child Birth – Thoothukudi Sivan Temple :

            It is believed that if a holy bath is taken in vaanja pushkaram and worship god child birth will be given. And too this place is being a temple of receiving childbirth as a gift.

Festivals of Thoothukudi Sivan Temple :

            Many festivals are being conducted in this temple for the whole year. Chithirai thiruvizha happens very excitefully for ten days. At the tenth day special worship take place for lord and Ambal and they both arise in special cars. In the same way at the month of vaikasi special flower offering take place for shanmugar is so familiar. In the month of puratasi navarathri festival and Paarivettai happens specially. For this a ground is there for paarivettai.

            In the month of Aipasi thirukalyana festival for ten days and in the month of karthigai sokkaipanai etruthal is being happens specially. In the month of margali early morning by three special offerings being done and thiruvathirai too. In the month of thai, thaipoosam and theppa festival celebrated so familiar. In the month of maasi, maha sivarathri happens and thousands of people gathers here. In the month of panguni, karaikal ammayar received a mango fruit from lord shiva is also been celebrated as the        tradition and belief unchanged.

Thoothukudi Sivan Temple – Gate opening times:

            Every morning from five to twelve and every evening four to nine thirty the temple gate is been kept open. In the early morning five thirty, thiruvananthal pooja and by eight vila pooja and by twelve uchi kala pooja happens. By the evening six, arthasamu pooja has been happening.

Location of Thoothukudi Sivan Temple :

            As to the heart of Muthu Nagar , thoothukudi the temple is been placed in the center. It is been in the walkable distance from thoothukudi old bus stand and thoothukudi railway station.

Transport facilities from Thoothukudi Sivan Temple :

            Thoothukudi city is been connected to all places of tamilnadu by bus transports and to the train transports.  In addition an airport and harbor is also available.

Food available near Thoothukudi Sivan Temple

            From the year 2003 the food plan started by the Government of Tamilnadu is being activated and continues. Every day by afternoon twelve mostly to hundreds of people food is being provided. In addition to one who offers money for the food support is been releaved from the income tax department of Government.

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