Shenbagavalli temple Kovilpatti

           Long time ago kovilpatti ( Thoothukudi District ) was a village in sattur taluk and later it was changed to be a city of income to Thoothukudi district. Other names of Kovilpatti are, Koilpuri, Thirupoovanam and Ponmalai. Once it was a small village but now it is turned to be a special municipality. Places near Shenbagavalli Amman temple are unique in their features and famous too.

            Vembakottai a place nearly 20 kms away was ruled by a King Shenbagam who built the village and the temple too. It is said in the history of this temple. Madam nearly 5kms from this place called Manthithopu Sangarapathi has a copper belt in it. As well as a King named Mudayan has nenewed the year and named it as Sangaranandu 1100. And this is too said in the Koilpuri Puranam.

Features of Puranam – Shenbagavalli Amman Temple – Kovilpatti ( Thoothukudi District ):

            In the period of 1933-1934 this temple’s altar, flag pillar and nanthi were dedicated says the epical stones, pillars and the entrances which is surrounded this temple. As this temple is built by the epica stones it is said that it might be after the period of Second Narasimhan (AD 700).

            These Histories were said in koilpuri puranam which is written by Sivagnana Yogigal. As this book has 18padalams among that 16 talks about these histories.

History of Agathiyar on Shenbagavalli Temple ( Kovilpatti – Thoothukudi district ):

            Lord Shiva came to marry Parvathi Devi for making his heart be pleased by doing rituals. So as to see the marriage of Lord Shiva everyone came  and gathered in Mount kailai so that the northern pole pulled down and the southern pole raised up.

History of Shenbagavalliyamman Temple – Kovilpatti ( Thoothukudi District ):

            Lord commanded Agathiyar. So he went to south side placed called ponmalai where Lord Shiva raises in the linga. He went and worshipped lord Shiva and saw the saints

As per the saints requests he bet the northeast of  Sivalinga in the ponmalai so as the falls from it. So it was called as Agathiyar Theertham and it too symbolities as the pond of this temple.

Doubts of Sangan,Pathuman Clarified

Long time ago two snake leaders Sangan, Pathuma  raised up with a doubt that among Shiva and Perumal who is the chief. To be relieved from the doubt they went  to the Shiva temple in the Kalakad and worshipped lord with poovana flowers. Lord Shiva showed himself to them and said this shivalingam will be called Poovana nathar in Punnaikaval( Sangarankoil). As to clarify you doubts Shiva as a Great man(Periyavan) And Perumal  as a Great woman (Periyaval) will be shown unto you.

History of Shenbaga Venthan:

            Vaamanan who was the best in Silverhills shiva team got unconscious and forget himself felt down before Nanthi thevar and been cursed. He became Shenbagamannan in Vembakottai. As per the God’s guidance in his dream, he built the temple for poovana nathar. To the west of the falls a pillayar temple and the falls pond. To the south west temple for Ambal was built according to the rules of Kamika Agamam. So as Shenbagamannan built this temple the Ambal was called by the name Shenbagavalli.

Features of Moorthi:

            Seven feet of standing Shenbagavalli mother goddess idol is been kept in this temple. She gives answers and blessings for the surrounding people. She is being a comforter and caretaker. And the people too keep the name of Ambal to their children. Kovilpatti Neelamani had also written many songs on Ambal. He had written Shebagavalli Arulmaalai, Shenbagavalli Nooranthaathi. Among that Shenbagavalli Arulmaalai had reached its fifth edition.

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