History and other details about Serman Sri Arunachala Swamy Temple – Eral

History of Serman Arunachala Swami Temple – Eral:

Birth of Serman Arunachala Swamy – Eral :

Melapudukkudi village near Tiruchendur in Thoothukudi district. Kumarasamy Nadar was
Born here brought a sage(முனிவர்) who came to his town one day and took the pooja and gave six variety of feast (விருந்து).

The sage then gave a divine gift to Kumarasamy. By continuing to read this book, he learned some mantras and made daily meditation and pujas. which people affected bite by snake and poisonous insects will cure by his spiritual vision. So many people from south to Madurai come to visit of Kumarasamy.
His praise(புகழ்) spread throughout day by day. One of his descendants is Ramasamy Nadar. His wife is Sivanandamammal. They had no children even after many years of marriage.

Location of Arulmigu Serman Arunachala Swamy Temple – Eral ( Thoothukudi District )

One day a Monk (துறவி) asked them to go Chetipattu and come there and worship Aindhu Veettu Saamy Temple and come back and then they will have a son. (Chettiyapattu is 28 km away from the Eral.) Accordingly, the couple went to Chettiapattu temple and did what was they told. On the night of Ramasamy’s dharma, the Monk said that he will get a baby boy and to name the baby as Arunachalam. He will grow into a Spiritual Blesses.

Sivanandamammal was pregnant within a few days. On the eighteenth day of Tamil month Puratasi gave birth to a beautiful male Child on 2.10.1880 ( Date of birth of Serman Arunachala Swamy ). The baby was named as Arunachalam. Immediately, Ramasamy Nadar built a beautiful hall at Chettiapattu temple in the hope of him request.

Education and Early life of Serman Arunachala Swamy – Eral:

Serman Anunachala Swamy was educated at the school in the Moolakarai. The family had large amounts of wealth in villages such as Eral, siruthondanallur and pazhaya kayal.
Serman Anunachala Swamy studied the top in the pannai vilai. There Serman Arunachalam ( Eral ) learnt English. As his adolescent age was getting closer, he started spending his time and mind in devotion. He was continuing treating poisonous bites in the place where he was living. Because that, the people in his place started supporting him well. By seeing his knowledge and fluency in English, British government appointed him as ( Managing Officer ) for Sire Thonda Nallur.
Serman Arunachalam was doing his job well and good. Even though he was young in those days he managed himself to collect taxes from people on time and solving minor issues by talking in Panchayat’s for 8 years. The reason why Serman Arunachalam left his British Government job is that once he had situation to do bribe in his job for a cause. Instead of doing bribery, Arunachalam decided to quit his British Government job.
Then he got into spirituality deeply. His Family Members advised him to get married. But he told he want to be married may be when in my age of 28.

Profession of Serman Arunachala Swamygal – Eral

Then the district collectors who observed him. On seeing that Serman Anunachala Swamy lives as a brilliant bachelor, appointed him as chairman of the Eral Panchayat under the recommendation of Bishopveston and Bishopstone. Cherman Arunachalam started Educational Institution (school) at Eral. He built street lights with oil. He appointed employees to Protect the oil Lights at night time. He implemented the drainage facility in that Area.
The saplings planted within the panchayat area. He loved all people. Serman Arunachala Swamy, who was silent without much talk, had the power to learn before his spiritual power. One day one Serpent (பாம்பு) did bite Palnadar in the area. He brought back the serpent that bitten him and picked up the poison.

Name reason for Serman Arunachala Swamy

Everyone realized that god power inside Serman Arunachala Swamy. Later, he was called Charman Sami. One day when Charman Sami Arunachalam was wake up,and called his brother karuthapandi and said, The time has came. The day I arrived at Sivanadi came. I will dedicate myself to Lord Shiva at the end of the month 13 of the month (27. 07. 1908).

Even if I cannot live(death), I will always be with you. Serman Arunachala Swamy also added that he would always give Boon asked by the people who trusts him. I will preserve(காப்பாற்று)them life line. Do not burn my body according to our spirit after my spirit is separated. Do the rituals(சமயச்சடங்கு) for the dead. Then karuda make sound in the sky and to circle triple time of me. when Garuda shadow touches my body, Then sit down and cover with the soil and the flowers” said the charman Arunachalam Swamigal .

The day has come as he said. Full moon day Earlier, he had information from karuthapandi Nadar, relatives, friends, towns and people in front of his home. At 11 am, Charman Arunachalam Samy went to his room with a smile on his face and said, ‘I will Come ‘. Lying on the cot. He closed his eyes. Sivanadi(சிவனடி) reached the point of sleep (day 12 hours) According to Swami, in the foothills of Tamaraparani in the southwest, in the bottom of the banyan tree, the body was placed in the sculpture. Proper rituals were performed. Samy came along with Garudan Conch(சங்கொலி). Garuda shadow is the body of the goddess. Swamiji’s books, used expensive items and high-end items were covered by the flowers and flowers of Swami in the foot of Swami.

When the thieves tried to dig a pit to steal the goods that had been kept with him in a few days, the serpent (பாம்பு)crowds invaded and chased them. Fearing thieves ran away. This scene was visible to Ramasamy Nataraja Dream. He immediately ran and looked at the Tomb. There he found that the soil was dug with a help of spade(மண்வெட்டி) an dcrowbars(கடப்பாறை).Then immediately he built a small building to build a temple for the deity of the divine son. When the Swami was alive, he had a medication to get rid of the disease. He cried to the Swami Tomb that he had no illness. Samy said, ‘holy water and the landing is a medicine for you.’ Accordingly, his disease was solved.

Location of Serman Arunachala Swamy – Eral

Charman Arunachala Nataraja Tomb(சமாதி) is located on the Thamaraparani Shore. Puja is going on at present everyday. There was a photocopy of the Charman. On Tuesdays and Fridays, during the full moon days, the devotees(பக்தர்கள்) who do not disregard (அவமதிப்பு)the caste meet in Thamaraparani Shore. Billy and sorcerers(சூனிய) are eating the mangroves there. In the body, hand, and legs, they immediately find the character, says the British collector Betdurai Tirunelveli Gajatar.

Which god is worshiped in Sermal Arunachala Swamy Temple – eral?

Lord Shiva is worshiped as a god and worshiped Lord Shiva, where his father holds a little soil with his hands holding the lingam. The lingam is growing over two feet today.

The lingam was not get a change many years in the Thamaraparani river water. This holy water cured the ,Mental illness, itching and tumor is a lot of diseases.

100 years have passed since the Swamigal Jeeva Samadhi. But now Swamigal is showing his form in various ways. Sarkunam, who served as a private college in Tiruchendur, came with a family to surrender to Samy. When they were thirsty in Tamaraparani, his son drowned(முழ்கி) in water. He immediately said, “Join me! Save my son “. Then there came an elder who came down to the river and saved his son.He did not see him when he called him to thank the elderly person son and saved him. Everyone believed that samy was saved by saving the son. Mantra in the temple This magic Ink, the government, neem, basil, sandalwood and camphor are combined with ghee and burns it and worship them before the Swami. who put on this magic Ink devotees,when the ghosts, and devases leave.

Story of Kulasegaram Arunachala Pillai in Serman Arunachala Swamy Temple – Eral

Kulasekarapattinam Arunachala Pillai will regularly give rice to the Swami Temple. Once in the night, he came to the bag with a rice from the well. He told him how to go alone because of the flood in the river, a bigger man put his rod into his hand and said, ‘Hold it and come behind me.’The boy realized that the rear came after the pig was caught. He did not find it when he searched for the elder that we could do something to the helper. He was guided by Charman Samy and he also heard his experience.
Here are the main festivals of Chitra festival and the new moon of the Aadi and thai new moon. Special pujas are held every month in the month of full moon. Swami is here in Rajakolam, where he is standing .There is a four-legged puja here. This temple is a place where the mental illness, poisoning, attack by demon, family problems and stress are all remedies. eral Swamy is one of the devotees of the Southern District.
If the Tirunelveli-Tiruchendur main road returns from left side to the left, Chairman Arunachala Swamigal will be graced by Eral Tamaraparani.

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