Front view of Thoothukudi Vee Traders Head office

Vee Traders Thoothukudi

In this page of Thoothukudi mart, we shall look about one of the best shops in Thoothukudi to buy all the Power Tools, Hand Tools, Welding Machine etc.,

Vee Traders Thoothukudi has been running in the city with 2 branches that one of them is in Bryant Nagar 4th street and the other one is in Anna Nagar of Thoothukudi.

Location of Vee Traders Anna Nagar Office in Thoothukudi:

Location of Vee Traders Bryant Nagar / Head office Thoothukudi:

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Vee Traders Thoothukudi are giving all the following Power Tools for affordable rent:

  1. Ladders ( 10 feet to 20 feet )
  2. Breaker Machine
  3. Welding Machines
  4. Grinding Machines
  5. Drilling Machines
  6. Cutting Machines
  7. Marble Cutting Machines
  8. Wood Cutting Machines
  9. Commander Machines
  10. Saw Cutting Machines
  11. Tree Cutting Electric Machines
  12. MS Cutting wheel 4 inches to 10 inches
  13. Tiles Cutting Wheels
  14. Wood Cutting Wheel
  15. Jig Saw Machine
  16. Rooter Machine
  17. Battery Drilling

Vee Traders Thoothukudi are giving all the following Hand Tools for affordable rent:

  1. Spade
  2. Pond
  3. Wheel barrow
  4. Chisel
  5. Hammer
  6. Crow bar
  7. Sand Screen
  8. Water Barrels etc.,

Why to choose Vee Traders – Thoothukudi for renting Industrial Tools / Machines ?

  1. All the machines and tools are given for rent with great quality.
  2. Best rental price in Thoothukudi city.
  3. 24 hours of service that you can call and get the Tools / equipment at any time of the day.
  4. All kinds of Construction and Fabrication working tools are available with Vee Traders – Thoothukudi.

How to get the Industrial equipment / Power Tools for rent in Thoothukudi:

The standard procedure to get the Equipment / Tools in Thoothukudi as follows;

  1. Go to Vee Traders, Thoothukudi
  2. Submit your Aadhaar Card copy if you are taking the Equipment for rent for the first time.
  3. The payment for the rented Equipment should be paid on or before every week end.

For more details, contact below address / Contact number of Vee Traders Thoothukudi:

Vee Traders;

31/A,Bryant Nagar 4 th Street,

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Mid-east corner, Tamil Nadu – 628008

Mobile number : +91 88706 11005, +91 9488507232

Anna Nagar Branch of Vee Traders, Thoothukudi ( Industrial Equipment for Rent ):

46 C Anna Nagar 6th Street,

First Cross Street,

Thoothukudi – 628008

Tamilnadu, India

Mobile number for Vee Traders Thoothukudi – +91 88706 11005, +91 9488507232

Mail id: veetraderstuty[at]gmail[dot]com

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