GP Rating Course in Thoothukudi
Admission for GP Rating Thoothukudi

GP rating meaning – General Purpose rating. GP rating course can be done by anyone who has passed tenth ( SSLC ). That those who have completed SSLC can join this course soon after finishing the schooling even before Plus two ( 12th ).

Duration of GP Rating in Thoothukudi – 6 Months

Students who are passing GP Rating will get knowledge about the things handled in Deck Crew and Engine Crew. Training on the things like, Fire Prevention, First aid, Ship Machinery, Basic technologies of Safety etc will be taught with this GP Rating course.

Who can study GP Rating in Anuja Thoothukudi?

There are 3 number of criteria looked when we talk about the qualification to do GP Rating, 1. Education, 2. Physical Fitness and 3. Age Limit.

Educational Qualification to learn GP Rating in Anuja Thoothukudi:

Any one who have passed can go for studying GP Rating in Anuja Thoothukudi, which means, the students who have failed in plus two can also apply for studying GP Rating through Anuja Consultancy Thoothukudi.

Age limit to study GP Rating through Anuja Consultancy is 18 to 25.

Where can I work after completing GP Rating?

After completion of GP Rating, can work in Deck Crew or Engine Crew in ship.

How to get promotion to officer level in a Marine / Ship job?

After the completion of GP Rating, the student shall get chance to work in Deck crew or Enginer Crew, after a certain period of time ( normally around 36 months ), have to apply or second mate examination and can app;y for officer level post.

The salary of the student who get immediate jobs after completing GP Rating shall get around 30000 to 40000 indian rupees in the beginning.

For more details contact Anuja Consultancy:

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