KENT Mineral RO – Water Purifiers in V Aqua RO Systems Thoothukudi

Impurities resent in drinking is one of the major reasons for the development of biological species such as bacteria/ virus in water the same do cause for serious Illness. So, KENT RO purification of drinking water has become one of the best ways to control those impurities in drinking water. In addition to the removal of biological agents, KENT RO system is also removing the dissolved impurities such as Pesticides, Arsenic, Fluoride and rust etc., to get the best drinking water with the use of RO system. 

One of the specialties of KENT minerals is that in the process of removal of bacteria and viruses, the RO system of KENT does not remove the essential minerals those have to be retained in drinking water. Name of the basic technology used in the KENT mineral RO those are sold in Thoothukudi is Ground breaking Computer Controlled Patented Mineral RO Technology. 

KENT Mineral RO has 3 types of technologies as follows;

  1. RO system available in V Aqua Thoothukudi : This kind of Water Purifiers available in V Aqua Thoothukudi are capable of removing all the impurities including bacteria and virus. 
  2. UF / UV system available in V Aqua Thoothukudi:  These Water purifiers in Thoothukudi are with the capability of killing all the bacteria, virus and other biological agents. 
  3. TDS Controller supported RO system / Water Purifiers available in V Aqua – Thoothukudi: These RO system / Water purifiers are capable of retaining all the mandatory minerals and killing all the Bacteria, Virus and other biological agents in drinking water which keeps all the water related diseases away. 

Kent Water Purifiers those are available in Thoothukudi city – V Aqua, have the following Quality Certifications

  1. Quality Certification by NSF – USA
  2. Quality Certification from WQA – USA
  3. ISI seal from Indian Quality Standards

KENT RO Water Purifiers those are available in V Aqua Thoothukudi are with the policy of No Water Wastage that all the drinking water are used for recycling after the RO processes.

Types of Wall mounted – KENT – RO Water Purifiers in V Aqua Thoothukudi :

  1. KENT Supreme
  2. KENT Prime
  3. KENT Grand Plus
  4. KENT Super Star
  5. KENT Superb
  6. KENT Pearl
  7. KENT Elite
  8. KENT Pristine
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