How to Make Thoothukudi Macaroons

Thoothukudi Macroons for Online Sales
Thoothukudi Macroons for Online Sales

In this page of Thoothukudi Mart, we shall look about one of the specialities of Thoothukudi namely Macoroons which are one of the best Cookies made with care in teh city and How to Make Thoothukudi Macaroons.

History of Thoothukudi Macaroons:

Macaroons are based from European Countries like Portuguese. When the Portuguese visited Thoothukudi Port at the time of Migration of Goan Catholics, in ancient times, they have used to prepare the Macaroons as cookies for their leisure times. In those days, the preparation and selling of this sweet started to get spread through the Thoothukudi City.

Ingredients Required:

  1. Egg white ( shall be taken from 2 Eggs )
  2. Sugar
  3. Cashew Nuts – Aroudn 25 Pcs
  4. One Pinch of Salt

Instruments Required to make Thoothukudi Macaroons:

  1. Micro Wave Oven
  2. Blender
  3. Mixie
  4. Piping Bag / Cone

Step 1 : Make the 25 number of Cashew Nuts into Powder and keep in a Mixie Jar

Step 2 : Take Egg Whites from 2 Eggs, make sure that not even a single drop of Yellow Yolk is there. Keep the Egg white in a 100% Dry Bowl.

Step 3 : Start Whisking the Egg white using a Steel Blender. Keep on Whisking until the Egg white becomes Milky white.

Step 4: Keep on whisking by adding Sugar side by side in the mixture. Keep on Whisking until the mixture gets as thick as a cream.

Step 5 : Now, add the Powdered Cashew Nuts into the Creamy mixture you have prepared.

Step 6 : Add a pinch of Salt.

Piping Bag to make Thoothukudi Macaroons

Step 7 : Get the mixture which is ready into a Piping bag and start piping it into the shape of a Macaroon.

That’s it. Continue piping and make Macaroons and start serving.

Cautions while preparing Thoothukudi Macaroons at home:

  1. Make sure no yellow yalk is mixed when the Egg white is getting extracted from Egg.
  2. Make sure the Macaroons are not kept in open space, that the Macaroons should be kept in a closed container to keep its original Taste.
  3. Make sure no sugar particles are left as crystals when adding the Sugar in Step # 4.

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