Eco park – Tuticorin ( Thoothukudi )

Entry Fees for Eco Park Tuticorin ( Thoothukudi ) – 100 Rs

In this Thoothukudi Mart page we can see about Eco Park which is one of the best parks in Thoothukudi.

The word Eco means the environmental friendly elements and therefore as this park is named as Eco park, the ambiance of this Thoothukudi Eco park is so natural and pleasing. The cool breeze from the sea and the silence that prevails around thoothukudi Eco park will make you to spend more and more time there.

Visiting time for this Thoothukudi Eco Park is from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm. It will be open on all days of the week and seen most populated on week ends and daily evening sunset timings.

Eco park is one of the prime attraction in thoothukudi. Eco park is situated in nearly one kilometer away from Roche park on south beach road. In the long years thoothukudi Eco park had faced several setbacks, was finally launched in 10, December 2018. Eco park inaugurated by thoothukudi collector Mr. Sandeep Nanduri, I.A.S and Tamil Nadu information and publicity minister Kadambur Mr. C. Raju, M.L.A. Eco park was constructed at a cost of Rs. 1.39 crore. The V.O.C port trust contributed Rs. 79 lacks
and thoothukudi corporation gives Rs. 60 lacks. Nowadays ECO Park is one of the famous tourism spot in thoothukudi. It very attracts thoothukudi peoples and children.

Eco park was fully blessed with pavement, children play area, natural mangrove parks, pedal boat ride, eatery, security room and toilets for separated. Four wheeler and Two wheeler parking facility are available.
Plans are process to introduce motor boating ride. It would be open from morning 6.30 am to evening 6.00 pm. Boat Riding closes every evening 6 pm. After evening six visitors and peoples are allow to see boat house and lakes. Peoples are allow to ride 1.8 km using paddle boat. Now Eco park have 10 paddle boat and motor boating ride will be introduced soon. Police provide security in the Eco park.

In the entrance several shops are there like paani puri stall, ice cream shops etc. If stand in the upstairs of boating house it gives clear vision of park upper view, sea and highway. Songs are played in the park every time. Eco park is a good places for people spending time with their families in the holidays days.

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