Akshaya Traders – Thoothukudi is one of the best Whole sale dealers for bricks, M Sand, Blue Metals and other construction related materials.

Services Provided by Akshaya Traders – Thoothukudi:

Bricks Whole Sale Dealer Thoothukudi – Akshaya Traders
  1. Whole Sale Dealer for Bricks in Thoothukudi
  2. Whole Sale Dealer for M Sand in Thoothukudi
  3. Whole Sale Dealer for Blue Metals in Thoothukudi
  4. Whole Sale Dealer for Construction Cement in Thoothukudi
  5. Whole Sale Dealer for Construction Sand in Thoothuki

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Contact Details of Akshaya Traders – Thoothukudi:

Address of Akshaya Traders Thoothukudi:

41/51 A / 67, P&T Colony,

Madathur Main road,

Thoothukudi -8

Contact number for Akshaya Traders – Thoothukudi: +91 9894696953

Special Features of Akshaya Traders – Thoothukudi:

  1. All the construction materials supplied from Akshaya Traders who is one of the best whole sale dealers for all the construction materials including M Sand, Cement, Blue Metals are delivered in the best quality without any compromising.
  2. All the Construction Materials supplied from Akshaya Traders – Thoothukudi are delivered on time with the own vehicles of Akshaya Traders including 407 vehicle.
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