List of Parks in Thoothukudi

A park is a place where people come for recreation. To pass time for different people depends on their age and their mood. For some visitors relaxation is the major need. For some others walking, jogging and exercising is what they require. For kids its just fun, fun & fun is what they will wish. Some people will just come for calm and peaceful time to be spent. Most of the youths gather at the park to chat and date.

Natural atmosphere is the best for any kind of parks. So mostly parks are located outdoor. But for commercial attraction some of them are also constructed indoor. A park does not have any “must be” things in it. But though there should be entertainment of any kind of people overall. Some play parks just have garden, stone benches, swing, slide and see-saw. Some other big parks have a lot of rides and other interesting stuffs. There are also theme based parks like water parks, amusement parks, Halloween parks and lot more. Mostly park means a structure that is present over years and never moves from place to place. But some entertainments are also available which mobilizes and shifts to the places where major events happen and where most of the city crowds gather.

Basically people think that a park is meant for children only. But as it was said above. A park has entertaining things for people of all age groups.

If a park means all about entertainment, then what is it? that sources for the maintenance for the long run of it. Some of the outdoor parks are run by the corporation and some others by private organisations. If it is a corporation or a government handled outdoor park, then entry, rides and all other privileges might be free of cost. If it is an outdoor park run by private sectors, then for commercial purpose there will be at least entry ticket. Some of the private maintained parks may charge in one shot for all rides and privileges and others may charge for each and every rides. There are also indoor parks available for commercial attractions in places like malls, a place to play for kids while its shopping time for parents. Since the parents bring their children along with them for shopping, they may not be able to do shopping by spending their whole time. So to attract the kids and to get them away from their parents, some malls have fun parks in it. Kids will play for longer time in the indoor park which will automatically make the parents to shop for longer time.

Now let us look at the List of Parks in Thoothukudi. These Parks in Thoothukudi are randomly bullet-ed with numbers and not according to its ratings. These Parks in Thoothukudi are categorized according to the location it is situated: Outdoor Parks in Thoothukudi and Indoor Parks in Thoothukudi. We also provide detailed information about history, location, special events held, entry details, working days/ hours and facilities available at individual Parks in Thoothukudi.

Outdoor Parks in Thoothukudi

  1. Spic Old Park
  2. Spic New Park
  3. Sundar Nagar Park
  4. Harbor Beach Park
  5. Heritage Park
  6. Roche Park
  7. P & T Colony Corporation Park
  8. Kakkan Park
  9. Rajaji Park
  10. M. G. R. Park
  11. Devaki Nagar Children’s Park
  12. Teachers Colony Park
  13. Sinnamani Nagar Public Park
  14. Ashok Nagar Children’s Park
  15. SRM Nagar Children’s Park
  16. Thoovipuram Park
  17. Muthammal Colony Corporation Park
  18. Kokkur Park
  19. Neruji Park
  20. Gurusparnandhi’s Park
  21. Post Office Nursery Park
  22. Pearl Recreation Club Park
  23. Sathya Resort Park

Indoor Parks in Thoothukudi

  1. DSF Grand Indoor park
  2. Jeyam Stores Indoor Park

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