List of Islandsi n Thoothukudi

List of Islands located in Thoothukudi District

In this page, I am going to give information about the Islands around the Tuticorin city, which is one of the major parts of the Tuticorin Tourist Places. In our Thoothukudi district which is divided from Tirunelveli district in 1986, Now Thoothukudi celebrates its 25th years Silver jubilee. Thoothukudi district have very historical leaders and their Liadmirable activities of them in Independence.

Also Thoothukudi contains the following beautiful islands lots of people in the Thoothukudi not know about these islands.

1) Pandiyan Theevu,

2) Van Theevu,

3) Koswari Theevu,

4) Kariyashuli Theevu

5) Villangushuli Theevu

Gulf of mannar was situated on the eastern side of thoothukudi district. Five coral islands in the Gulf of Mannar fall within the administrative control of Thoothukudi district. Twenty islands in Gulf were divided into four groups that is called as Thoothukudi group, Vembar group, Kilakarai group, Mandabam group.

1. Pandyan Theevu (Island) – Thoothukudi

The Pandyan Theevu contains Two parts like one is north (Thoothukudi Taluk) and another one is south (Srivaikundam Taluk). Local name of the northern part is known as Hare Island or Muyal Theevu.

The pandyan Island forms part of Thoothukudi revenue village called as village No.28 as per the survey records in Thoothukudi. Survey number of the island is 394 of Thoothukudi Taluk and southern part is 394 of Srivaikundam Taluk. The island was first surveyed, mapped and included in the land records in 1911 by the Deputy Director of Survey of the Government of Madras Presidency.

How to Reach Pandyan Theevu – Tuticorin

The island is situated as at a distance of 6 Kilometers. east of Thoothukudi in the Gulf of Mannar.

2. Van Theevu- Tuticorin

Van Theevu is locally known as Church Island. Van Island forms part of Keela Arasanadi village of Ottapidaram Taluk, Village No.322.

How to Reach Van Theevu

The area of the island is 16 hectares and 56 acres. Van Island is situated at a distance of 6 Kilometers from the Thoothukudi beach shore.

3. Koswari Island – Tuticorin

Koswari island is also known as Karsuvar Island. Koswari Island’s village No. is 62, Survey No.396 in Ottapidaram Taluk.

How to Reach Koswari Island – Thoothukudi

Koswari Island is located 7 kilometers from Tharuvaikulam village of Ottapidaram Taluk. Koswari island area is 19.5 ha. It is included in Tharuvaikulam of Ottapidaram Taluk.

4. Karisauli Theevu – Tuticorin

Kaisauli Island is located at 10 kilometer off the shore of Pattanamarudur village of Ottapidaram Taluk.

5. Vilangusuli Island – Thoothukudi

The Vilangusuli Island is the farthest island from the shore in the district. The Vilangusuli Island forms part of Pattanamarudur village

How to Reach Vilangusuli Island – Tuticorin

Vilangusuli Island is located 12 kilometer off the shore of the Pattanamarudur village.

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