One of the breaking news before January concerning Thoothukudi district was the murder of Pasupathy Pandiyan. Thoothukudi city and the surrounded areas got into struggle due to this murder on that day. The Police Department caught 2 guys regarding the murderer of Pasupathi Pandiyan few days before and they have been enquired.

The name of the guys who have been caught by the Police regarding the murder case of Pasupathy Paandiyan are, Arulaanandham and Aarumugasaamy.

As the result of the investigation and enquiry on the murder of Pasupathee Pandian, the Police got the information that there is a famous personality from Tuticorin has got involved in this planned murder of Pasupathy Pandian. Based on the instruction of that famous personality, Pasupathy Paandiyan has been under survilance by Arulaanandham and Aarumugasaamy for few days. On the murder day of Pasupathy Pandiyan, they have followed Pasupathy at the electrical power failure by bicycle. They have killed Pasupathy pandian at the Anjali Roundaana bridge and got their way escape to Hosur.

Police has traced the number of mobile phone calls from that Thoothukudi personality who is behind the murder too..

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