New Cleooopatra DTS Theater - Important Land Marks in Thoothukudi

Main landmarks in Thoothukudi:

In this page, I am going to give you the information about the main landmarks in the Pearl City,

Thoothukudi namely as follows,

1. Lady of Snow Church

2. Old Bus Stand

3. New Bus Stand

4. Shivan temple

5. Tuticotin Port Trust

6. TTPS (Thoothukudi Thermal Power Station)

7. Sterlite Industries

8. Spic

9. Periya Palli vaasal

10. Cinema Theaters

Lady of Snow Church Thoothukudi:

This is one of the familiar churches in the southern districts of Tamilnadu. The exact location of this Lady of snow church is very close to the sea Shore of Tuticorin Sea. This church is one of the great places in Thoothukudi city that the flag hoisting (kodi yetram day) of the lady of snow church is a very special festival in the city. For the flag hoisting festival (Thoothukudi Madha koil kodi yetram), each and every people of Thoothukudi city regardless of the religion and casts, will come and participate in this festival. Another speciality of this festival is the exhibition which is called as Madha kovil porutkaatchi in the local language of Thoothukudi.

In that exhibition, we can find all the following contents to entertain the visitors for both the Lady of Snow church temple festival and for this exhibition.

1. Giant wheel and similar king of giant swings

2. Shopping stalls (temporary by contract basis), in these shopping stalls of Lady of snow festival exhibition, one of the very special items is the Delhi appalam.  yes. The delicious taste of it is the proof of it. Then some dramas, exhibition cum sales things also been entertained during this exhibition. Most probably the location of this exhibition is at the Tharuvai ground of Thoothukudi which is known as Gymkhana club in other words.

3. Apart from these, the exhibition contains some more entertaining things such as the platform stalls, sweets with 24 hours opened even at the hot of the Tuticorin city.

Not only during this festival time, but also during the other days, this church will be with silent atmosphere, providing great peace for the hearts spending time there by praying the Christian god, Lady of Snow.

How to reach Lady of Snow church of thoothukudi by bus:

If you are at the old bus stand of Thoothukudi and looking for going to the Lady of Snow church, then you can catch the buses that go through this church. The possible buses that going through this church are,

1. How to reach Lady of Snow church by bus:

Old bus stands of Thoothukudi to TTPS (Thoothukudi thermal Power Station) through Lady of Snow church or asks for the big post office stop / sub collector office. Alight at the big post office or Canara bank head office (Thoothukudi beach road) and walk to the grand “Lady of snow church”.

2. How to reach Lady of Snow church by train:

If you are anywhere around Thoothukudi or at any major city of Tamilnau, then get train to the Thoothukudi main railway station and then get either a taxi or a auto rickshaw to reach the Lady of Snow church. Because, the electric train facility has not been executed yet in Thoothukudi city.

3. How to reach the Lady of snow church of Thoothukudi by flight:

If you want to reach the Lady of snow church of Thoothukudi without time delay and choosing to fly and reach this destination, then you will have to get the flight to the Thoothukudi airport which has been getting more flights nowadays and get a taxi or a cab and proceed to the Lady of snow church which is nearby the sub collector office at the beach road of Thoothukudi.

Old bus stand of Thoothukudi:

Totally thoothukudi has two numbers of bus stands namely old bus stand and the new bus stand. We shall look about the old bus stand here and followed by this, we shall look about the new bus stand below. To tell about the old bus stand, this land mark of thoothukudi city is one of the ancient one and has been getting time to time modifications based on the maintenance plans of Thoothukudi collector. This bus stand has been connected well and good with all the towns and villages around the tuticorin city and Tuticorin district too by means of frequent number of mini buses. The mini buses are connected with the surrounding places like, Kamaraj college, VOC college, APC Mahalakshmi college, Meelavettan, Collector office of Thoothukudi, beach road, miller puram, mudivaththanandhal, pudhukottai and matta kadai etc.,

Apart from the mini buses, the scheduled root buses and LSS buses are running around the city from this old bus stand. The most frequent buses are as follows,

a. Thoothukudi to tirunelveli city bus – timings- starts from early morning 6 15 and there is a bus moves for each and every half an hour from this bus stand to the tirunelveli city bus stand.

b. Thoothukudi to Tiruchendur buses – as the tiruchendur, Chendur Murugan temple is very close from Thoothukudi city, about 52 km, there is number of frequent buses from the old bus stand of thoothukudi to the tiruchendhur bus stand with full crowd to say exactly.

c. After the buses to Tiruchendur and Tirunelveli, the most of number of buses moving from Thoothukudi old bus stand to the colleges around the Thoothukudi city, names follows below,

i) Colleges on the road between thoothukudi and tirunelveli – SCAD, Franxis Xavior Engg College, Infant Jesus College of Engineering college, Mother Terasa college of Engineering,

ii) Dr G U Pope Engineering and arts colleges at Sawyer puram which is a town nearby Thoothukudi city,

iii) Jayaraj Annapackiam Engineering College – Nazareth

iv) National Engineering College Kovilpatti and other colleges

Most probably the morning hours can be found with full of men heads in this bus stand followed by a slight calmness during the working day noons and the rush hour at the end of the days, evening times.

New bus Stand, Thoothukudi:

This is the other bus stand in Thoothukudi than the old bus stand. As the old bus stand is at the better centre of the city, the new bus stand has less rush when comparing with the old bus stand. But all the long travelling trips from the city Thoothukudi to the other cities like,

a. Thoothukudi to Madurai

b. Thoothukudi to Trichy

c. Thoothukudi to Chennai

d. Thoothukudi to Cochin (Ernakulam)

e. Thoothukudi to Coimbatore (Kovai)

f. Thoothukudi to Bangalore, are operated from this new bus stand.

There is a booking system for these long trips travelling from Thoothukudi to other cities by bus. To get/ book the ticket to travel from Thoothukudi to these above stated destinations, we have to contact the counter of the new bus stand and fill out the application form and submit to confirm the seat in the bus. In some cases, directly getting ticket process also been accepted.

Shivan Temple – Thoothukudi:

This temple is one of the biggest temples located at the centre of the city, nearby the hot business going on shops, Seemati textiles and DA Silks of Thoothukudi. The Shivan temple has very wide large area in which it contains the Perumal temple also. The Shivan temple and perumal temple are with rush during all the Fridays and Tuesdays. But during the Tamil month of Kaarthigai, these temples are with full of worshipers all the days, all times. Because, in those months the fasting and other special worships have been done in these temples every year.

If you are going to Shivan Temple of Thoothukudi, as per the infrastructure of it, you have to worship the Gods, Vinayagar, Murugan at first and then you can move forward to the core of the Temple that the statue of Shivan and then, you can worship Bagampriyaal and then you will have to come out of the Karu of the temple and then you will have to pass through all the 108 number of temples located beside the core of the temple. Then you have to cross and worship the Durga god and then Murugan and Vinayagar once again, then

Industries in thoothukudi city:

1. Thoothukudi Port Trust:

As thoothukudi is one of the best harbours of Tamilnadu, with a big port trust, the Port trust is very familiar with high number of ships. Time to time, the collector-ate of Thoothukudi had been arranging for the ships exhibition for the school and college students. The way how to reach Thoothukudi Port Trust is, one has to get the bus from the old bus stand to the direct buses to the Thoothukudi Port Trusts. Thoothukudi Thermal Power Station and NLC are nearby the Thoothukudi Port Trust.

2. TTPS (Tuticorin thermal Power Station):

The TTPS is one of the higly familiar land marks of the city. This power plant has been producing 1080 (max) MW from its 5 number of boilers. The 5 units of this plant are with boilers, coal feeder, furnaces and other needed equipments. This plant has been proving the Government jobs in Thoothukudi for many people and those direct TTPS employees have been provided camp facility with shift duties.

3. Sterlite Industries Thoothukudi:

Sterlite industries are one of the biggest private factories of Thoothukudi city. The main product of this Vedanta Company is the copper. There were many controversies about this factory but it has been running in the Thoothukudi city for many years. This company has many sub contracts and has been providing jobs for many Thoothukudi people as direct employee / contractor employee and part time jobs too by contracts basis.

4. SPIC Thoothukudi:

SPIC is one of the biggest multinational companies with many factories in the gulf countries. This company is at the Muttiahpuram area of Thoothukudi. The campus of SPIC Thoothukudi has camp for all the employees working inside the factory, Marriage halls, Textiles shops and even parks and Temples.

5. Periya Palli vaasal in Thoothukudi city:

Not only the Christian temple and Hindu temple, but Thoothukudi has many muslim mosques (Palli vaasal in Tamil language). The biggest one among those many mosques is, called in the local language of Thoothukudi as, Periya palli vaasal. This mosque has been located at the area, of complexes. To tell exactly, the nearest land mark of the periya palli vassal are, Bala Krishna Theatre, Alagar Jewellers, DA silks and Kumeth Textiles of Thoothukudi. This palli has been located by covering a big area.

6. Cinema theatres in Thoothukudi:

The names of famous theatres in thoothukudi are,

a. Cleopatra theater in Thoothukudi

b. Raj theatres in Thoothukudi

c. Mini raj theatres in Thoothukudi

f. Cini raaj theatres Theater in Thoothukudi

g. Bala Krishna theatres in Thoothukudi

h. KSPS theatres in Thoothukudi

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