Different Climate condition in Thoothukudi District

Different Climate condition in Thoothukudi District

Rain in Thoothukudi

In Thoothukudi district now a days different types of climates happens. In some places of Thoothukudi district sometimes raining otherwise morning time people feels hot sun, in the end of the day people feels the breeze and cold air. Sometime in the early morning we have snow fall and bogus.

Three types of Weather in Thoothukudi District

Because three different kind of climate in the region of Thoothukdi district Sattankulam, area, elderly people and children were suffer from disease. Such as fever.

In March, April and May earlier of these months impact of the sun and blows hot air occurred in Sattankulam, last week on the contrary the circumstances in the region. heat from the sun during the whole days.

Rain in thoothukudi

Since these variation in climate Thoothukudi Sattankulam people were suffering. With lot of inconveniences. Starting at about 3 pm in the afternoon southwest winds on the breeze. Warm air to heat the bowl to the body is completely depleted. The same weather continues to be the last 10 days.

Thoothukudi Citizens suffered with three weathers

The children, elderly people may suffer from fever and cough kind of troubles. Many peoples initiated to private hospital for treatment of such problems. the villagers said about these climate change usually the month of February at night will snowfall, heavy sun light during the day.

But usually it will not happen in the month of March, Bits and pieces such as the air is heavier, sessional rain fall period following circumstances were different this year.

People suffered due to regular power cut in Thoothukudi

Meanwhile now day’s power cut times were increased from three quarter hours to one hour, due to this blood pressure and heart related diseases people sleep at night, especially if you suffer more health. Everyone’s hope is absolutely cancel the resistance of power cut in night time.

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