What is the meaning of the word Thoothukudi and history behind it:

There are some historical notes given for how Thoothukudi got it’s name.In 123 BC,a Greek Traveller mentioned the name of Thoothukudi as-Sothikurai enra Mauthukuzhithurai in his book and this was the first historical note given about Thoothukudi. Many historical philosophers accepted and declared that the name Sothikurai denoted Thoothukudi. Also the name Thoothukudi is been mentioned in another book of Greeks named-Erithreyan Enra Peribels.

The name Sothikurai was declared as Thoothukudi by King James Kurnel in Gulf of Mannar. He gave a report to Chennai government by declaring the name change. Again in European language the word Thoothukudi was changed and pronounced as Tuticorin. And this declaration was given by Caldwell. Thoothukudi is very famous for pearl fishing which is still carried out and so it was also called as Pearl City.

In Thoothukudi we had a single power plant and many power plants had been erected in recent days. We have a big fertilizer company named as SPIC. In 1956, October 20 part of Land from Tirunelveli town was taken away and then it was developed as Thoothukudi. The town has played a major role during our freedom fight. Veerapandi Kattaboman and VO Chidambarnar stays as a perfect example for this. Thoothukudi also has another name as -Thirumandira Nagar. Also we have a world famous Port Trust situated in Thoothukudi. Production of Salt, Fishing, Pearl Fishing, Dye Production, Power Plants are the major contributors for the welfare and economical growth of Thoothukudi District.

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