What is special in Tiruchendur Naali Kinaru – Thoothukudi District???

The Tiruchendur Naali Kinaru – Thoothukudi District is a rare natural phenomenon where there is a 14 sq.ft well and inside this well is a small 1 sq.ft wellIt is located in Tiruchecndur Subramanya Swamy Temple. Nazhi Kinaru (Small Well) is a remarkable spring of fresh crystal water. There large well inside which is saltish and highly sulfurous smelling and muddy-looking water. This swells up during the day and pumped out daily so as not to allow it to over-flow into the smaller one. A bath in the sea as well in these two waters is considered to be of much spiritual merit.We should be very proud to have this miracle well very close to us.

Miths about Tiruchendur Naali Kinaru – Thoothukudi District!!!

Some wrong talks about Naali Kinaru is getting a bit viral in social media sites. Let us see some of them below-

  • Tiruchendur Naali Kinaru – Thoothukudi District is situated very close to the sea.But we get fresh drinking water from the well.Some People think that the sand drains and filter the salt content in the water,so the water in Naali Kinaru remains fresh and tasty to drink. Ok if their scientific explanation is correct then let me ask a question.If the sand drains the salt content and provide fresh water to drink how come all the wells in Tiruchendur did not turn to fresh water????Why is that the sand in Naali Kinaru alone should filter the water bed to fresh water????Think!!!!
  • According to our history Lord Shanmukha’s troops were thirsty and Shanmukha planted his  Vel at this spot and caused fresh water to gush out from the well. But a person has criticized our epic truth stating that Naali Kinaru is a natural Ooze and it is not been artificially digged by anyone.How can we tell that it is a natural ooze when we get water within 35feets itself ????Think!!!!
  • Surrounded to 3kms from Naali Kinaru we don’t get any fresh water for drinking in that seashore dessert.And if a person digs and get water for us within 35feet in that dessert what would we tell him!!!!Shouldn’t we worship him equal to all divine powers.
  • Also Naali Kinaru is only at 100 feet distance away from the seashore.The other exciting fact is that the water level in Naali Kinaru is 15 feet lower when compared to the sea surface level.How come its not salty???? Think!!!!
  • And the most exciting fact is according to the researches done the fresh water running underground is been highly polluted due to the sea water contaminationthat get mixed up with the fresh waterfor nearly 10 kms surrounding the Naali Kinaru.Then how come Naali Kinaru alone is not still polluted which is very close to the sea????Think!!!!
Naali Kinaru Thoothukudi

Like the above there are still more surprising facts about Naali Kinaru.We don’t have any scientific answers for all the miracles happening in the small well. But only the person who digged this well can give a answer for all these exciting facts.

Tiruchendur Naali Kinaru – Thoothukudi District will always be a Divine Miracle!!!!

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